How justice organizations can serve citizens with rapid digital enablement

How some justice organizations are fast-tracking digital enablement

The pandemic has put constraints on justice operating models in Canada, but it also serves as an important opportunity to rethink the justice system for the digital age.

Our latest article details the challenges faced in the justice organizations most impacted by COVID-19 and the new need for a change in service delivery.

The coronavirus pandemic has created the perfect opportunity to fast-track digital enablement within the justice sector so that essential services can be delivered without interruption. It’s time to seize the initiative and equip justice organizations for the future, whatever it may hold.

The current crisis is not a welcome challenge. But it does present an opportunity to reinvigorate our justice systems to improve access while also increasing resilience against future disruptions.

Topics covered:

  • How COVID-19 demonstrates the need for digital service delivery
  • Guiding principles for accelerating digital services for citizens

Key Contact
Gert du Preez
National Leader – Security and Justice practice

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