Time to take advantage of the new business reality: Selected issues for not-for-profit organizations

Although they often face similar challenges as for-profit entities, not-for-profit organizations must address unique issues. Read our series of articles.

Not-for-profit organizations (NPO)  play an important role in our society, delivering a wide range of services across a variety of industries. Although they often face the same or similar challenges as for-profit entities, they must address other issues that are unique to NPOs.

Explore NPOs’ unique issues

At times, they may find themselves in direct competition with for-profit businesses, such as when recruiting top talent with the skills and expertise to enable them to achieve their mission. We discuss this example in our publication through a series of articles. Each article includes questions that directors may ask to further explore the issues with their own boards and of management.

In addition, articles are supported with tools and resources so directors can “dig deeper” to broaden their understanding of the issues and improve their board’s effectiveness in dealing with them.

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