COVID-19 : Steering recovery with precision

Gov 4.0 and the future of public policy

Governments now face the difficult task of moving from broad-based physical distancing to more targeted and precise policy measures as they manage the recovery. Planning the optimal approach to recovery will help cut off the tail of the curve sooner than may otherwise occur and, at the same time, accelerate return to work, school, and a functioning society.

Governments need precision policy – the micro-targeting of government actions to achieve measurable benefits for individuals, communities, businesses, and society. Precision policy is applied when policy outcomes can be improved—and risks mitigated—by tailoring the design and application of government actions to population segments, geographic areas, service providers, businesses, or other priorities over time.

Precision policy includes effective execution through partnerships and alliances to deliver benefits directly where they are needed most. Importantly, it can be enabled by government adoption of advanced technologies and methods already prevalent in business and society.

We have reached a nexus where the need for a targeted approach to reversing near-total population behaviour change intersects with the advent of mainstream digital technologies for use in public policy design and execution. This is Government (Gov) 4.0 and its arrival will accelerate the growth of digital societies for public good.


Georgina Black
Managing Partner, Government and Public Services

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