The urban agenda

Addressing contemporary challenges in Canada’s cities

Canada's urban landscape has dramatically evolved in recent decades, with cities at the forefront of economic, social, and cultural growth. As the impacts of climate change, homelessness, affordable housing, financial sustainability, labour challenges, and immigration dominate government agendas, how can municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal government leaders align for a cohesive, inclusive future in which all urban dwellers can thrive?

Our article The urban agenda: Addressing contemporary challenges in Canada’s cities argues the need for a renewed urban agenda in Canada, one that empowers municipal and regional governments to innovate for a resilient future. In it, we examine the importance of effective governance and collaboration in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas—Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto/Hamilton, and Montreal—and offer recommendations for all levels of government to strengthen their strategic planning.

A prosperous future for Canada’s cities is within reach— this blueprint may help leaders work toward it.

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