Geotechnical and reservoir analysis

Deloitte's Resource Evaluation and Advisory team provides innovative solutions to the upstream industry including engineering evaluations, reservoir engineering and oil and gas valuations.

Engineering and geoscience reservoir analysis

Deloitte's Resource Evaluation & Advisory team employs a range of analytical methods and procedures — including material balance calculation, decline analysis, volumetrics, production analysis, and probabilistic modelling — in order to gain the most complete understanding of a reservoir.

Deloitte has experience in modelling gas pipeline networks in conjunction with full field scale reservoir models for system performance evaluation and optimization. Additionally, Deloitte has considerable experience in pressure transient analysis of oil and gas wells within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and the Middle East.

Deloitte’s analytical work is supported with industry standard software programs that have been customized and configured to best meet clients’ needs. Deloitte applies a rigorous petrophysical approach to our reserve determinations, including the integration of well logs, core analysis, well test data and well performance for carbonate and sedimentary reservoirs. And, because Deloitte’s senior personnel all have extensive industry experience, they factor real-world practicalities into their reviews and assessments of exploration and exploitation programs.

Our engineering and geoscience reservoir analysis services include:

  • Development plans
  • Oil production and gas deliverability forecasting
  • Economic analysis
  • Natural gas storage analysis
  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Plant feasibility studies
  • Exploitation enhancement plans
  • Integrated field studies (exploitation)
  • Geological mapping of reserves
  • Subsurface mapping
  • Petrophysical analysis and studies
  • Evaluation of exploratory and/or undeveloped lands
  • Regional geological studies
  • Prospect evaluation and play analysis
  • Property development strategies
  • Assistance in client-side studies — manpower solutions (DNM)

Petrophysical analysis

At Deloitte our Resource Evaluation & Advisory petrophysical team has extensive practical experience both internationally and within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). This experience includes unconventional reservoirs (tight oil, shale gas, shale oil), carbonates, sandstones, shaly sands, and oil sands.

For each reservoir under study, Deloitte provides clients with unique solutions by applying methodologies and algorithms that are designed specifically for the client’s needs. Our petrophysicists advise clients in selecting the logs best suited for their analyses. Once run, and before the curves are merged and spliced as necessary, the log data is checked for quality. Where available, conventional and special core analysis data, test data, and any other relevant information is incorporated and calibrated with the well logs.

Deloitte takes a practical deterministic approach to petrophysical analysis, which can play a pivotal role in development drilling or when exploring for new oil and gas fields. With the increasing emphasis on unconventional reservoirs, petrophysical analysis can add even more value.

Our petrophysical services include:

  • Assistance and quality assurance in data selection for analyses
  • Single and multi-log analysis
  • Conventional and special core analysis
  • Test data analysis
  • Unique methodologies and algorithms specifically designed to suit our client’s needs
  • Calculated log curves
  • Description of methodology applied in the analysis and reservoir parameters of pay zones
  • Batch processing of wells
  • Mapping of key reservoir parameters

Geophysical analysis

Deloitte’s Resource Evaluation & Advisory geophysical team leverages its experience in successful hydrocarbon discovery and appraisal to assist our clients in obtaining the best possible outcome. By using its state-of-the-art toolbox, our geophysical team provides clients with technical and operational proficiency in international/frontier settings, oil sands development, resource assessments, and geosciences risk advisory services.

The team provides fundamental and quantitative seismic interpretation, along with processing and acquisition, quality control, and coordination in North America and abroad. Our established exploration knowledge will be leveraged with the most precise of technical approaches so that Deloitte continues to provide clients with counsel and resources that optimize successful hydrocarbon discovery and appraisal.

The geophysical software used at Deloitte includes Petrel™, Hampson-Russell™, SeisWare™, WinPics™, and GeoSyn™ in conjunction with ArcGIS™ and GlobalMapper™ mapping software.

Our geophysical services include:

  • Seismic program coordination and quality control
  • Depth conversion
  • Seismic inversion and AVO
  • Processing coordination and quality control
  • Database management
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Prospect generation
  • GIS and mapping

Enhanced recovery projects

Aging basins and maturing assets require companies to try new methods to optimize recovery. By running full cycle economics on simulation output, Deloitte's Resource Evaluation & Advisory team can provide you with a big-picture view that can enhance your decision making ability.

Deloitte’s experience analyzing reservoirs as evaluators provides the insight required to identify the enhanced recovery methods that will work best in a given reservoir providing a realistic perspective to the economic potential an ER process can achieve within a specific reservoir.

Whether you are considering basic water flooding, advanced solvent or chemical flooding, or thermal processes, Deloitte can apply our knowledge of reservoir depletion mechanisms, existing field optimization patterns and reservoir fluid migration to ensure your solution is economically sound. From project scoping through to development optimization, we are able to provide reservoir engineering and simulation support for bitumen and ultra-heavy oil, low permeability oil and gas, shale gas, gas-condensate and coalbed methane.

Whether you are considering basic water flooding, advanced solvent or chemical flooding, or thermal processes, Deloitte can apply its knowledge of reservoir depletion mechanisms, existing field optimization patterns, and reservoir fluid migration to ensure your solution is economically sound. From project scoping through to optimizing a development, Deloitte is able to provide reservoir engineering and simulation support for bitumen and ultra-heavy oil, low permeability oil and gas, shale gas, gas-condensate, and coalbed methane.

Deloitte’s simulation studies have involved history matching and forecasting of water floods, CO2 flooding, cyclic steam stimulation, and electro-thermal recovery in conventional and naturally fractured oil reservoirs throughout North America and abroad.

Deloitte currently works with the CMG suite of simulators (IMEX, GEM, and STARS), which means they can effectively handle black oil, compositional, and thermal projects. Deloitte also has the ability to work with your preferred software platform.

Our enhanced recovery services include:

  • Exploitation assistance (including scoping and planning, preparation of ER proposals, etc.)
  • Mature field optimization (e.g. single-well evaluation through to full-field history match, including modeling of associated surface facilities)
  • Geological modeling (creating, revising, auditing, etc.)
  • Production forecast modeling (e.g. base case and enhanced recovery schemes)
  • Recovery optimization (infill drilling patterns, injection patterns, injection pressures/rates/volumes, water coning simulation, etc.)
  • Scoping simulations on developing technologies and/or emerging plays Sensitivity analysis