Building the resilient organization

2021 Deloitte Global Resilience Report

“Disruption can creep like the ocean’s rising tide or suddenly overwhelm like a storm surge. On rare occasions, as the past 12 months harshly reminded us, it can do both at the same time.”

Punit Renjen
Deloitte Global CEO

Deloitte Global’s fourth annual readiness report explores the concept of organizational resilience. 2,260 private and public-sector CXOs were surveyed, across 21 countries, to examine how they are grappling with the disruption of 2020. This study examines five attributes of resilience that enable and promote nimble strategies, adaptive cultures, and the implementation and effective use of advanced technology. The survey suggests that organizations that deliberately build these attributes into their mindsets and cultures are better positioned to overcome disruptions and help usher in a “better normal” post-pandemic.

2021 Deloitte Global Resilience Report

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