Canadian-based Cyber Intelligence Centres at Forefront of Global Cybersecurity

Organizations no longer ask if they will face a cyber threat, but when. Cyberspace is the new frontier for political, economic and security risks and organizations need a new level of integrated, full-service 24-7 global protection to proactively prepare for potential threats.

Deloitte Canada has four fully-operational Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs) in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. These centres bring together leading experts in cyber risk with state-of-the-art technology to offer a full suite of managed security services including customized, integrated services like incident response and threat intelligence around the clock.

Deloitte’s CICs provide Canadian-based organizations with industry-leading cybersecurity solutions that can be customized based on needs. Features of the new Cyber Intelligence Centres include:

  • Facial recognition technology to access the facility
  • State-of-the-art cyber threat detection tools and technologies 
  • Dedicated and experienced cyber risk experts who customize security, monitoring and recovery services and procedures for clients
  • Dedicated war room for managing through a cyber threat

As information technology systems become increasingly interrelated, the potential impact of a cyber-attack continues to increase, and no business is immune. “Organizations today need a secure, vigilant and resilient strategy that will allow them to grow, share and trust vendors and customers around the world, without deferring compliance, and before an attack occurs” said Nick Galletto, Americas Cyber Risk Services Leader for Deloitte. “Regardless of sector, size or location, cyber threats are a reality for all organizations and the risks are serious, ranging from reputational to operational to financial.”

Because cybercrime is borderless, Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centres are integrated into the company’s network of more than 15 centres globally. These centres share intelligence and analytics to help organizations prepare and respond to cyber-attacks on a global scale.

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