Future of cyber survey

Complexity is the new normal. How companies are achieving visibility.

Conducting a survey during a period in which businesses were forced to respond to an unprecedented global challenge proved to be uniquely instructive. And our take-away is clear: complexity is here to stay. Hybrid work environments are becoming a fixture; the cloud is growing in importance across almost all fields and types of enterprises; and organizations are becoming ever more connected as devices and applications continue to evolve. 

With boundaries no longer clearly defined across ecosystems, there’s no choice but to seek greater visibility. The stakes—including potential operational disruptions, reputational losses, and deflated equity valuations—are simply too high. 

This year, we expanded the subject group of our annual cyber survey beyond leaders with direct oversight of their corporations’ cyber activities to include those who should ideally be the most cyber-forward: C-level executives. Interestingly, our subjects largely held similar views, though there were variations depending on geography and industry.

Future of cyber survey

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