Cloud engineering services

Architect your possible

Our complete, integrated, end-to-end cloud engineering services provide support, from strategy and platform-building to application and data migrations right through to managed services. Our architecture and engineering capabilities can help design, build, and scale solutions that drive results and outcomes.

How we deliver: Make your possible actual

Combining business acumen, integrated business and technology services, and our people-first approach, we help businesses discover and activate their possible. Our capabilities support your business throughout the journey to the cloud, no matter what stage you are in.

Our capabilities: We engineer business transformation at every step

Informed by deep cross-industry experience and business insights, we help engineer the cloud journey at every step to deliver real business advantages and outcomes. Our services are built to achieve better agility and enable acceleration to the cloud faster and easier.

Advise : Imagine your possible

Cloud strategy: Cloud transformation can be complex, and no single approach that works for every business. That’s why we tailor solutions to help meet the demands of your industry and organization while keeping your cultural transformation and economics in mind. Hybrid, multi, private, or public cloud—we help assess where you are and create a roadmap to maximize your cloud potential.

Implement: Build your possible

Cloud migration and modernization: Our tailored approach to app modernization and migration offers great flexibility to meet your individual needs, no matter how complex. Our phased approach begins with an automated discovery assessment of your current legacy code and infrastructure to help us plan and scope your modernization initiative—whether your goal is to meet changing business needs or exit a data centre. This assessment enables us to design a singular modernization strategy to help you prioritize investments based on business needs, capitalize on enhanced performance, and minimize underlying risks and costs. We can also help you cost-effectively operate and manage your applications so you can continue to meet your service-level objectives.

Infrastructure and engineering: We help design, implement, and integrate existing core compute, network, storage, and security services with new hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud initiatives. We help modernize data centers and networks through automation and software-defined capabilities, making them current and sustainable for cloud use. And we engineer infrastructure platforms to enable Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) solutions and edge computing. The results are transformational programs that can help transport the business into a new, dynamic world of top performance.

SAP® on cloud: Cloud-enabled ERP platforms go to the heart of the value cloud delivers. We partner with SAP for next-generation solutions that create a more Kinetic Enterprise™. With SAP run on a hyperscale cloud, a business can respond to constant disruption and evolve as needed, leveraging a clean core, intelligent capabilities, and an inclusive technology ecosystem. As a leading SAP global partner, Deloitte offers a deep understanding of how SAP solutions work, how they work together, and how they can work for significant business outcomes.

Cloud-native development: Engaging cloud-native services drives innovation and increases speed to market. A cloud-native development approach can help you transform legacy systems and monolithic applications and find cost savings that can fuel new growth. We enable capability and disruption to help your organization reduce costs, become more efficient, improve agility, and drive innovation.

DevOps transformation: As businesses around the globe are increasingly squeezed by economic shocks and an ever-changing competitive landscape, leaders realize the need for transformation to innovate and remain competitive. DevOps is fundamentally the only application development methodology that is truly cloud-native and cloud-specific. Using DevOps, organizations can become more agile and innovative, speed time to market, and deliver applications that improve customer satisfaction.

Business agility transformation: Organizations are challenged to be first to market with innovative new products. Traditional delivery methods are associated with long lead times and misalignment with customer needs, and enterprises are recognizing they need to change the way they deliver to stay competitive. Our business agility transformation services reduce time-to-market while increasing responsiveness to change. The result? Faster feedback from stakeholders and customers to sharpen alignment, create efficiencies, and accelerate business processes.

Operate: Accelerate your possible

Cloud managed services streamline critical IT processes and simplify management of key business applications. We provide end-to-end operational support for core systems and supporting applications that can also be fully hosted and managed by Deloitte on a cloud platform. Offering flexible solutions that align with the business needs, we free up human resources and lighten the financial burden to optimize cloud performance and results.

OpenCloud is Deloitte’s hosting platform comprised of people, technology, and processes designed to securely run a client’s applications on the public cloud. OpenCloud deploys our in-house IP and technical acumen to deliver a service that combines industry best practices with global compliance and regulatory standards.

Application managed services: Our managed services are more than a support model—we partner with you to operate in a state of continued business transformation. Whether running on cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments, Deloitte’s application management services can help turn your core applications into drivers of innovation and business value.

Intelligent Vision Platform (IVP) is a computer vision and edge computing accelerator that provides an easy path to deploy vision-based intelligence to collect insights. With built-in capabilities to manage cameras, deploy computer vision models, and collect and securely access data, IVP can deliver views of asset health in real time, allowing for timely business and operational decisions.

Discover your possible: The Deloitte difference

Faster innovation. Smarter, more flexible operations. New ways of connecting with customers, disrupting markets, and creating business value. A move to cloud can make all this possible.

We understand how the convergence of business, big data, and technology shapes the heart of an organization—its core functions, culture, CX delivery, ability to innovate, and more. We engineer that understanding into cloud solutions to help clients change how they operate and become cloud-fluent in how they think and work.

Our relationships with cloud computing giants and disruptors make productive alliances possible. Our reach into the cloud ecosystem is extensive. We leverage our network of alliances and ecosystem players to help organizations scale exponentially and realize the value that a cloud infrastructure offers.

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Karin Wiens

Karin Wiens

Lead Alliance Partner, Google Cloud

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