Creating a sustainable tax strategy - Considerations for the board

For organizations with international operations, the changing global tax landscape is much more than just a tax issue – it is a business issue with wide ramifications.

The new rules and the increased scrutiny by investors and the general public could potentially impact profitability, the effectiveness of business models, competitive positioning and, ultimately, share prices and brand. Boards of directors need to consider the impact that the organization’s tax strategies have on its competitive position, and be comfortable that the organization’s tax policy is sustainable.

How do your organization’s stakeholders view your tax strategies? Are they sustainable, or are you looking at a global tax reset? Learn more: Download “Creating a sustainable tax strategy”

Tax is just one of the challenges facing boards of directors. From the ongoing volatility of the global business environment to the increasing expectation of stakeholders, the demands on boards continue to grow. Boards, therefore, need to identify the essential activities – the ingredients for success – and strike an appropriate balance in terms of the time and effort devoted to each of them.

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