Global Tax Management Survey


The management of tax

Discovering value and delivering confidence

Deloitte's biennial survey on tax management explores the constantly shifting challenges and priorities facing tax leaders in global organizations. With pressure coming from many directions—variable regulatory requirements, rapid changes in technology, data overload, and a looming shortage of talent—how is the tax function pursuing progress and managing pitfalls?

Deep insight on tax management

Since the first survey in 2010, Deloitte has commissioned independent global market research studies with senior tax leaders every two years. Informed by this research over the last decade, our insight into how the tax function is managed within the world’s largest multinational businesses continues to grow.

The research looks at the main aspects of tax management globally, exploring operating models, resourcing, and the use of technology to uncover what is driving behaviour, priorities, and objectives. New in this most recent survey, the research also includes in-depth, discussion-based interviews with chief financial officers (CFOs) and chief audit officers (CAOs) selected from the largest global organizations.

The survey indicates that while many of the traditional tax management challenges remain, signs of progress are emerging.

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