TMT Predictions 2017

Because the future doesn’t wait

Deloitte’s annual TMT predictions explore the top technology, media, and telecommunications trends expected to make an impact over the next year.

These include truly transformative changes like automatic emergency braking (AEB) cars—perhaps the biggest breakthrough in auto safety since the seatbelt. Now available in select new cars, AEB uses sensors to reduce accidents and is expected to save thousands of lives every year.

Indeed, we believe 2017 will be a year of change: flat is the new up for television and machine learning goes mobile. We also look at new cybersecurity challenges caused by increasing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, consider whether we’ve finally reached “peak tablet,” and a whole lot more.

For more information on the biggest innovations and trends arriving in 2017, please read our press release or download the global report.

How will your life be transformed by these new breakthroughs?

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