The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014

CIOs: At the tech-junction

Global organizations are focusing on technology investment as a key to sustaining growth. As a result, organizations are restructuring their systems and operating models to reflect the emerging digital economy, and the CIOs who run and maintain those systems are faced with the challenge of infusing innovation into the process.

This year’s report focuses on how CIOs are dealing with rapidly emerging technology trends and evolving service delivery models. The question driving the report is: how can CIOs leverage technology to drive growth and add value to the business, while growing IT’s business partnership role beyond its operational legacy?

We’re always looking for IT leaders to share their insights and perspectives on the role of today’s CIOs and issues that matter to them and the broader Canadian economy.  If you would like to participate in our next CIO Survey, let us know


Key themes:

  • Portfolio of the CIO – How much visibility and control do CIOs have over their portfolio of projects, and which emerging technologies and trends are they investing in?
  • CIO relationships - How do CIOs rate themselves as strategic partners to the business – both within and outside the organization?
  • Pulse of the CIO - How successful are CIOs building a culture of innovation within their IT organization?
  • 2014 hot topic: Analytics - How well defined is the CIO’s role in delivering analytics capabilities within their organization?

Inside the Deloitte CIO Survey 2014 report, we address professional insights and peer comments of what’s on the minds and agendas of Canadian and global CIOs today. To understand how CIOs can become true strategic growth contributors through technological innovation, download the report.

See how your organization stacks up against our global survey results.

The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014

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