Giselle D'Paiva

Equity Partner, Consulting

Government & Public Sector Trusted Digital Identity Leader

Giselle D'Paiva

Bay Adelaide East

8 Adelaide Street West, Suite 200




M5H 0A9

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Leading our emerging national Digital Identity & Credentials practice, Giselle brings together the breadth of our Consulting, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory, Tax & Legal, and Audit & Assurance businesses to solve the growing problem of how we can prove ourselves, our businesses, and our assets in an ever-increasing digital economy—without increasing the proliferation of passwords, personal data breaches, and eroding trust. In this capacity, she represents Deloitte as an elected board member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada.

From sale to delivery, Giselle’s primary drive is leading large-scale digital transformations, in the past for our Financial Services and Insurance clients, and now for our Government & Public Sector clients. Her focus is on supporting federal agencies, but she also works with key provinces that have important intersections in subsectors like health care and public safety. Today, she spends most of her time with government and private sector entities interested in frictionless travel experiences as well as “tell me once” initiatives.

Giselle D'Paiva