James Gordon

Consulting Partner and BC Government Account Leader

James Gordon

410 W. Georgia Street


British Columbia


V6B 0S7

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A partner in our Government & Public Services practice, James is accountable for our relationship with the Government of British Columbia and a number of its Crown corporations. He has built his career on being an effective listener and collaborator in the design and delivery of transformative visions for his clients. By providing informed and trusted perspectives, he has established lasting relationships and enabled their success. He has held numerous executive roles at Deloitte, including leader of the national Operations Transformation team and the global Operations Excellence market offering. He supports many of our strategic priorities, including regulatory modernization and climate change initiatives. James joined our UK firm in 1999 after earning his MBA at the London Business School and then transferred to Deloitte Canada in 2005. He lives in Vancouver where he is involved in the arts, environmental action, and coaching his kids’ (many) sporting activities.

James Gordon