Jeff Lyons

Vice-Chair SPC Representative

Jeff Lyons

Suite 700 850-2nd Street SW




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Jeff is a senior partner at Deloitte, with over 20 years of experience serving the firms’ most strategic clients. Known for his forward-thinking leadership and building high-performance teams, Jeff currently serves as the Global Lead Client Service Partner for some of the world’s largest energy, resources and industrials companies. In this role, Jeff is focused on the marketplace to develop long-term relationships, and leverages his vast expertise and deep industry knowledge to support companies resolve their most complex challenges, optimize performance, drive innovation and improve shareholder value. Leading a myriad of high-profile projects, Jeff has worked extensively with Deloitte’s global clients; providing them with timely advice on strategy, valuation, capex optimization, opex reduction, mergers, dispute resolution, and adoption of digital assets to enhance business performance.

Jeff Lyons