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Josh Hjartarson

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Josh Hjartarson is the national Human and Social Services leader at Deloitte Canada. He grew up in rural Alberta in the midst of a deep recession. Like many families, his was reliant on government supports during this period.

This is why Josh firmly believes in the value of government. He also believes that enhancing the efficacy of the Canadian social safety net is both a moral and economic development imperative. In this spirit, his professional and academic interests converge on the transformation of income assistance, social care, and employment services so that they are more integrated, outcomes-focused, and client and family centric.

Josh has a PhD in political science at the University of Toronto. His career history includes five years as a public servant, 10 years as an academic, and three years as a senior advocate and champion of the Ontario business community.

When not contemplating the safety net, he helps coach a little league baseball team, reads vociferously, and travels as much as he can.

Josh Hjartarson