Malick Deme

Global Investment and Innovation Incentives ( Gi3)

Senior Manager, Gi3

Malick Deme

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After starting his career in the field of R&D tax incentives and intellectual property valuation, Malick Deme joined Deloitte in 2011.

He is a Senior Manager and a member of the Deloitte Center of Excellence of the Global Investment and Innovation Incentives practice. Malick has assisted more than 200 companies in negotiating and obtaining government incentives for their innovation and major investment projects in the form of tax credits, loans or grants, cumulating over $200 million in incentives. He supports these projects in their governmental or para-governmental funding. More recently, he has participated in the organization of large-scale consortiums in strategic sectors such as logistics.

He has expertise in writing and analyzing business plans and financial projections from an economic development perspective. Over the years, Malick has developed an ability to understand, interpret and present business issues, and research projects, with the objective of bringing together government and private sector players to generate innovative collaborative solutions.

Passionate about cars and the automotive industry, Malick has helped small and large automotive suppliers in the positioning of their projects with respect to incentives’ programs criteria. His expertise is used to support our clients' teams in documenting and describing various technologies and processes used in the automotive industry.

Malick holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a D.E.S.S. in Innovation Management.

Malick Deme