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Reto Savoia chats about what is currently on his mind – at work and elsewhere.

Each quarter, Reto Savoia, CEO of Deloitte Switzerland, takes a look at current issues. He talks about the Swiss economy and explains what the next priority is within the company. Reto looks back on events that have impressed him, and we put him on the spot by asking him to choose between two things. Here’s what he had to say this autumn.

Business and the economy

What challenges in the Swiss economy will be felt most over the coming three months?

Undoubtedly the developments in the area of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). Although it presents a massive opportunity for Switzerland, it also poses a major challenge. Unlike other trends such as the metaverse, GenAI will bring about fundamental changes that all industries will be affected by. More or less every company – the government included! – will need to train their staff to ensure safe and secure use of AI at all times, review all their processes and adapt their business models accordingly. But this also opens up many new business opportunities, as well as the potential for increasing efficiency and the capacity for innovation.

I am very optimistic where GenAI is concerned. Switzerland has some proven strengths in the tech and software sector and is also highly competitive in other industries, including pharma, luxury goods, machinery, electrical engineering and finance. We will therefore be in a position to benefit handsomely from GenAI. I am convinced it will become a key driver of innovation.

What is the main priority for Deloitte Switzerland in the coming months?

GenAI is also top of the agenda for us as a company. We are currently scoping out all the possibilities that this technology offers, both for our clients and for ourselves internally. We are already using innovative tools such as the ChatGPT equivalent ‘PairD’, which is supporting our staff with their day-to-day work. To teach people more about generative AI and encourage greater use of it, we are putting on a large number of courses and organising a dedicated ‘GenAI week’ featuring various events. This initiative is about showcasing all the potential that GenAI has to offer. We want to keep our clients as well as ourselves up to date at all times.

We are therefore working closely with many other national companies to devise solutions that will enable us to create added value across borders. At the moment, we are drawing up key criteria for using GenAI in various business divisions and for various services. We want to harness the power of GenAI to make ourselves more efficient without neglecting our ethical responsibilities.

Deeply impressed

Which recent development have you been most impressed or preoccupied with?

I had spoken out in public against the initiative because it would put a massive strain on the public purse. As a democrat, it goes without saying that I accept the clear result of the vote. However, we need to make sure that we implement the new constitutional obligation in a financially sustainable way. It is something we owe society, particularly the younger generation. Otherwise, we risk breaching the intergenerational contract, which has proved robust up to this point – this must be avoided at all costs.

The coming months will reveal whether we can find a viable compromise that achieves this mission.


An espresso in the square or a trek in the mountains – what do you prefer?

A fragrant espresso in the square while enjoying the sunshine in the company of my friends.

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