CFO Service


CFO Services

Our mission is to support CFOs and their teams by providing functional and technical expertise. We help companies to establish finance departments which provide insightful management information while ensuring regulatory compliance.

We provide the skills required to identify needs and accompany you through the changes required to your processes and financial systems.

Controlling and Internal Reporting

In evolving organisations the Controlling department acts as an internal service provider to management. Alignment between corporate strategy and accounting is key. We guide you in implementing integrated processes and adequate software solutions that enable your Controlling department to fulfil its role.

Our service includes:

  • Setting up a controlling framework and defining a manual and processes
  • Supporting the definition of appropriate KPIs to track progress in meeting the corporate strategy
  • Designing & implementing software solutions (such as Oracle Essbase or SAP BPC) to enable systems-based management reporting and shift the work from data collection to data analysis
  • Establishing a costing system to provide information on product profitability
  • Support in defining and creating a management dashboard
controlling and internal reporting

Consolidation and External Reporting

Every group requires an efficient consolidation and reporting process which is closely integrated with the internal reporting function. We help you to focus on your specific needs and establish and improve the architecture of your consolidation and reporting solutions. We guide you towards a solid solution able to respond to changing external demands and efficiently address all external reporting requirements.

Our service includes:

  • Creating a business blueprint for future consolidation processes and reporting architectures
  • Implementing market-leading consolidation software solutions from Oracle and SAP
  • Redesigning existing solutions to meet new business requirements
  • Providing expert support for existing consolidation systems, complex M&A and internal transactions
  • Designing a state-of-the-art external reporting environment
  • Supporting the drafting of a harmonised group chart of accounts
consolidation and external reporting


Planning processes are often lengthy and time-consuming for the whole organisation, but focus exclusively on financial statements instead of underlying performance drivers. We guide you in optimising your existing planning processes and systems to produce an efficient planning process that is more useful for managing your business.

Our service includes:

  • Supporting the definition and implementation of planning, forecasting and budgeting processes and manuals
  • Designing a business blueprint for the planning, forecasting and budgeting process
  • Implementing software solutions to support the planning process (such as Oracle Planning and SAP BPC)
  • Support on technical issues for existing systems and when redesigning them or adjusting requirements
  • Implementing simulation capabilities for different scenarios (e.g. the impact of currency movements or potential M&A activity)
planning processes

Financial Data Management

Proactively managing financial and structural data can help improve the efficiency of your finance team by minimising manual tasks and establishing workflows aligned with the roles in your organisation. We guide you in managing the data flows between operational and analytical systems and maintaining integrity and consistency across your financial and other related systems.

Our service includes:

  • Developing finance IT architecture 
  • Increasing the accuracy and consistency of master data
  • Reducing reconciliation time across systems 
  • Adapting data management for EPM solutions in M&A transactions
financial data management