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IPO Services

Deloitte’s IPO services are designed to help you navigate the entire initial public offering (IPO) process. This applies whether you want to list through a traditional IPO or through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) and regardless of the country you want to list in. Based in Switzerland, our team of experienced leaders has helped many companies, small and large, successfully list.

How can we help?

When it comes to going public, we understand that there is no one-size-fits all strategy. That is why we tailor our approach to suit your company`s specific and individual needs, through all the key stages of the IPO process- before, during and after the IPO. Calling upon their combined experience, our team ensures that companies are fully prepared for the process and avoid common pitfalls and obstacles, making for a timely IPO process and smooth transition to becoming a listed company.

IPO stages and key milestones to consider

Planning for the IPO

  1. Advising on the optimal transaction structure
  2. Restructuring services (e.g. carve out, combining financial statements)
  3. Assessing IPO readiness
  4. Developing an IPO checklist
  5. Holding pre-IPO workshops
  6. Helping to develop and document accounting policies and technical support
  7. Facilitating with CH, US and other exchange listings
  8. Assisting with GAAP conversions

Common questions from the market

  1. Do you want to understand more about a public listing through a SPAC versus traditional IPO?
  2. Will the significant interest in SPAC listings continue and what makes a SPAC deal attractive?
  3. Are you familiar with the key requirements for a CH, US or other listing?
  4. Do you understand how your registrant status (e.g. FPI, EGC, etc.) affects your US listing?

Executing the IPO

  1. Providing technical accounting, tax, and audit support
  2. Helping to prepare the registration statement
  3. Drafting disclosures
  4. Helping to prepare form S-1
  5. PMO services
  6. Enhancing control frameworks for COSO or SOX compliance
  7. IT implementation and cyber security assessment

Common questions from the market

  1. How long will the implementation take?
  2. What are the common risks to mitigate when executing the listing process?
  3. What are the key areas of focus when executing a public listing in CH, US or other countries?
  4. What management resources will be required to execute your public listing?


  1. Assisting with external reporting
  2. Providing on-call accounting services
  3. Providing insight into the implications of a new accounting standard
  4. Monitoring sufficiency of resources and deploying resources as needed
  5. Providing continued SOX support
  6. Training and change management

Common questions from the market

  1. What is an appropriate organisational structure as a public company?
  2. What are the ongoing financial reporting, controls and corporate governance requirements as a public company?
  3. What are the common ongoing training and development needs for management and staff?
  4. What makes a successful public company culture?

Profiling a number of successful stories

1. US listing of a Swiss-based group

2. SIX listing of a Swiss-based company

3. Financial carve-out of a global group

Resources for you

  1. A roadmap to Initial Public Offerings

    Preparing for an IPO can be a complex process. This detailed roadmap addresses all the key requirements that a company needs to consider for a successful process from financial reporting, to IPO accounting and auditing considerations.

  2. Strategies for going public (5th edition)

    In the fifth edition of this report, we explore recent trends, regulations and market shifts that can impact the IPO process, and outline strategies to help your organisation prepare for going public.

  3. Swiss Equity Capital Markets Report

This report provides an overview of the Swiss based CFOs’ financial outlook impacting Swiss equity  markets, shares key insights for IPO candidates from the Head Primary Market  of the SIX Swiss Exchange and explores current IPO Readiness hot topics.



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Patrick Shelley

Patrick Shelley


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Andreas Bodenmann


Andreas is Partner of Deloitte’s Audit & Assurance practice and a member of Deloitte Private in Switzerland. With more than 20 years in the profession, Andreas has gained comprehensive experience in l... More

Karina Chavez

Karina Chavez


Karina is a Director at Deloitte Switzerland, specialising in accounting and financial reporting services, including acquisitions, divestitures, initial public offerings, and complex accounting and re... More

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Liam Baynes


Liam is a Partner at Deloitte Switzerland with over 15 years’ professional experience with Deloitte. He currently leads the Disruptive Events Assurance team which advises clients on accounting and fin... More

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