5 questions about diversity and inclusion for Peter Loukopoulos, Chief of Staff and Operations Manager

“True diversity and inclusion means I can always be myself”

Get to know the people that shape our culture and help us make Deloitte a unique place to work! Find out more about their backgrounds and unique career paths, learn about what their daily work routine is like and what they’re excited about.

Meet our Chief of Staff and Operations Manager in Tax & Legal, Peter Loukopoulos, who believes that our diversity is our biggest strength.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your career path at Deloitte.

My name is Peter and I currently work in Tax & Legal as the Chief of Staff and Operations Manager. I’ve been working at Deloitte for over 11 years, having begun my career in HR, before joining Consulting as a Resource Manager and later a Chief of Staff, before joining Tax & Legal in my current role over 2 years ago.

2. Diversity and inclusion are topics that have always been very close to your heart. How do you see and live diversity and inclusion at Deloitte?

Assuming that everyone is the same, means you risk overlooking different ideas or different perspectives.

I’m Australian with Greek parents, and my best friends growing up were very diverse: Italian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, “typical” Australian – all of us were very different but nevertheless, Australian. Growing up like this helped me understand the importance of diversity in culture and backgrounds and no doubt also contributed to the importance of being open and honest with myself with respect to sexual preferences, as well. The people I work with take you as you are. I don’t think you should ignore it, but it’s also nice to not have to second guess myself or be worried about judgment. It’s also good that we have an amazing number of role models at Deloitte: those who are openly gay, those who are working mothers, and so on, who can all act as good examples of how diversity and inclusion are lived in the firm. It’s brilliant and that’s what it should be.

“standing up for LGBTQAI+ matters in the name of Deloitte – globally.”

3. How does Deloitte advocate for diversity and inclusion specifically?

The GLOBE network, a network within Deloitte for LGBTQAI+ people within the firm and allies, is stronger than any individual, and it’s a network where people can come together and have a sense of community. It’s worth also noting that it’s not just Deloitte Switzerland, it’s Deloitte North South Europe (NSE) and Deloitte Global. I went to the Sticks and Stones conference in Berlin a few years ago, representing Deloitte Switzerland, and it was great to see the support there and share with graduates my experiences and the great place Deloitte is to work. In our new Swiss Headquarters in Zurich opening in 2021, we’ll have parent-friendly rooms, which is important and a great achievement. I’m involved in the project as the Implementation Lead for Tax & Legal and I think that’s really cool that such rooms will be available. Deloitte also has a great family planning programme. These are the small things that Deloitte does to show all the talk about diversity and inclusion is not just a catchphrase. Deloitte follows through and I like that.

4. What do you appreciate most about Deloitte’s culture?

The ease with which I can be myself. If someone asks, I’ll tell them I went out this weekend with my partner and they’ll respond “oh wow, cool” so we can have a connection there. It’s great to meet people who have different backgrounds and different life situations (immigrants, working mothers, etc). Being surrounded by such diversity in every day working situations is great and is something that also helps in making Deloitte’s culture more inclusive. And let’s not forget that diversity in educational backgrounds is equally important: I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, but it’s amazing to work with people who have studied Business, Physics, Finance, Literature… even Theology! These all contribute to the richness of the world views one comes across at Deloitte.

5. What is it that makes Deloitte such a unique place to work?

We stand for diversity and inclusion and we walk the talk. We all grow both individually and as a team, and having an environment that enables this is what makes us unique.