In the third of our Q&A series on career development at Deloitte, we find out how Christina and Clovis pursue further academic education and professional certification thanks to the flexibility provided by Deloitte to attend their classes and complete course work on time.

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How Deloitte supports your professional development – Part 3

In the third of our Q&A series on career development at Deloitte, we find out how Christina and Clovis pursue further academic education and professional certification thanks to the flexibility provided by Deloitte to attend their classes and complete course work on time.

Tell us a something about yourself that is not on your CV.

Clovis: I started learning Portuguese in my free time while completing my Masters and ended up travelling in Brazil for 3 months the year after. I made the most of it as this was my first solo trip, and I fell in love with this country.

Christina: I was raised trilingual (Greek, German, English), and find it easy to learn new languages, and even dialects. This has greatly influenced my ability to communicate and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. My friends jokingly call me "chameleon" because they think I can seamlessly blend in with almost any cultural environment.

When did you join Deloitte and what do you do?

Clovis: I joined Deloitte in October 2021. I am working in the Audit Corporate Department under Audit & Assurance. I am currently at Senior level.

Christina: I joined Deloitte Switzerland in December 2021 as a Consultant in the M&A Tax Team after completing my bachelor's degree in business administration at the University of Liechtenstein. Before joining Deloitte's Tax team, I worked for a Swiss trustee in the tax department. In my current role, as Senior Consultant, I conduct tax due diligence reviews (buy- & sell side) and assist on acquisition and sale structuring as well as SPA negotiations. I further advise our clients, which range from leading private equity houses to listed multinational entities, on the post-deal integration and tax compliance.

How has Deloitte helped you grow and what has this meant for your career development?

Clovis: Deloitte immensely supported my growth by offering a variety of training and induction classes. During these learning sessions, I had the opportunity to meet several colleagues, with whom I connected. This network is a valuable resource regarding technical and business development matters as well as supporting my career journey especially when I was promoted to Senior.

And thanks to Deloitte, I registered for the Swiss CPA certification and successfully passed my first year. Beyond developing my accounting skills, this has encouraged me to explore further growth opportunities.

Christina: Deloitte supported me in my pursuit of a Master of Laws in International Tax Law. Further, the firm provided me with the flexibility to attend classes and complete coursework while still fulfilling my responsibilities at the firm. Additionally, the firm provided financial support and encouraged me to apply the knowledge and skills gained through my studies to my work at the firm, which has been invaluable in helping me to provide more valuable services to our clients.

Overall, Deloitte's investment in my growth and development has been instrumental in my career advancement. The learning and growth opportunities provided by the firm have helped me to develop a strong foundation of technical and soft skills and have allowed me to take on increasingly challenging roles and responsibilities. I am grateful for the support and resources that Deloitte has provided me and I look forward to continuing growing and developing as a professional at the company.

What has been the most challenging experience for you so far and how did you overcome it/what did you learn from it?

Christina: The most challenging experience for me so far has been learning to navigate our complex and rapidly changing work environment. When I started my current role, I embarked on a steep learning curve as I needed to familiarise myself with a wide range of recent technologies, processes, and organizational dynamics. As the work environment constantly evolved, with new priorities, projects and tax laws emerging regularly, complexity increased simultaneously. To master this challenge, I learned to be highly flexible and adaptable. I made a concentrated effort to stay up to date about the latest developments in my field and by engaging with industry peers.

Clovis: I think that my most challenging experience was when I initially joined Deloitte and many of us were working from home. Not being able to network and collaborate in person was difficult, especially when you’re a new joiner. By now, I really appreciate that we can meet as a team in the office and at the client again while still being able to work remotely when needed – because nothing is more impactful and fun than collaborating in person!

Christina, a Senior Consultant in Tax & Legal at Deloitte

Who has been the person who has had the biggest influence on your career and why?

Clovis: I could not name only one person. Deloitte gave me the opportunity to meet different people from various Deloitte businesses in different roles, and all of them helped me tailor my career. For me, sharing experiences and ways of working with these colleagues significantly influenced my career.

Christina: One of the biggest influences on my career has been my mother. From an early age, she instilled a strong work ethic in me, a commitment to excellence and a belief in my capabilities. She taught me the importance of education and encouraged me to pursue my goals and aspirations. Her guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me to develop a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that have helped me navigate the complexities of the professional world.

How can you see yourself continuing to grow and develop at Deloitte?

Clovis: I expect to pass the Swiss CPA and to further grow at Deloitte to learn and develop my skills as much as possible. I like working at Deloitte in Switzerland and want to help others (new joiners, for example) to share my experience and feel the same as I do.

Christina: As I look to the future and consider my continued growth and development at Deloitte, I see several opportunities for advancement and professional growth. Primarily, I am committed to continuing to expand my technical expertise and knowledge in my field. This includes staying current with the latest industry trends and developments and seeking out additional training and certifications that will help me to better serve my clients and to take on more complex and challenging projects. I also envision taking on more leadership roles within the firm and I value this as a fantastic opportunity.

Finally, my ultimate aspiration is to increase the representation of women at the partnership level. I am committed to working hard, taking on new challenges and developing the necessary skills to make this aspiration a reality.

Overall, I am confident that Deloitte will continue to provide me with a wealth of opportunities for growth and development, and I am excited to continue to be part of this dynamic and successful organization.

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