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Operational Excellence (OE)

Delivering value through your business operations

With the current financial crisis, the times of strong growth and profitability in the Private Banking market have - at least for now - come to an end. External conditions make the future challenging and complex.

In this environment, Operational Excellence (OE) serves as a strategic differentiator. It positions the bank as an execution leader in balancing service quality and effectiveness with cost of delivery by alignment and optimisation of its organisation, processes, technology and partnerships.

Deloitte’s Private Banking OE framework ensures that enterprise performance is addressed in a comprehensive way by providing principles for guiding the bank’s development, laying a strong foundation with operational building blocks, and integrating key stakeholders’ perspectives. OE is a strategic initiative, because its ultimate goal is to increase the bank’s enterprise value by aligning and optimising its overall organisation, processes, technology and partnerships.

Operational Excellence (OE)
A key differentiator in Private Banking

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Operational Excellence (OE)

Operational Excellence (OE)
Take II

This report provides an overview of the focus areas and the strategic differentiators in operational excellence as well as some real life success stories in Private Banking.

Operational Excellence (OE) Take II
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