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The future of Asset Management out of a box

The asset management market is facing continuous change: the growing competition and the launch of various European and Swiss regulatory initiatives increase the complexity of daily business. Outflows of assets under management and additional regulatory requirements increase pressure on margins. As a result, many Swiss asset managers will not be able anymore to meet the growing requirements of institutional investors and regulators on their own.

We have therefore developed the “asset manager out of the box”. This Assetbox is a unique combination of service modules for asset managers to complement their organisation and operations. We support you in creating a successful and economical operating model while meeting all applicable regulatory requirements and investor expectations. The Assetbox will allow you to focus on your core strength while we take care of all the rest.

Assetbox - The Asset Manager out of the Box

Our Assetbox combines a European-wide unique range of consulting- and outsourcing services. Hedge-funds and alternative asset managers as well as managers of traditional asset classes can supplement their organisation with processes and know-how as required. This tailored and cost efficient set up will allow even smaller providers currently lacking some of the in-house resources to meet the rising regulatory requirements (i.e. the FINMA).

Your benefits

  • The platform offers a unique and complete solution for managers to comply with all existing and upcoming institutional investors’ and regulatory requirements
  • Independence from usual service providers (banks, prime brokers, administrators) removes any potential conflict of interest
  • Increased visibility and generally accepted standards will label clients of the Assetbox as managers with a professionally maintained state-of-the-art organisation with modules well known and accepted by the regulator based on alternative clients
  • Benefit from the extensive experience of Deloitte and Etops and our wide professional network complementing your organization and increasing your reach and impact with clients, investors, regulators and other service providers
  • Efficient and reliable service delivery due to synergies, proven standard processes and a wide network of specialist know how at your disposition around the clock


The benefits of Assetbox

For a medium size Asset Manager

Getting a license and defining the new strategy to be compliant

A Swiss based Asset Manager manages a Cayman fund with AuM of 150 mio CHF following a highly successful proprietary long – short strategy. With the revised act on collective investment schemes in Switzerland, he will have to obtain a license as Asset Manager from FINMA to be able to continue his business. The current team consists of 2 portfolio managers, the founders, and one marketing/sales person. The founders don’t have a clear idea of what it takes to get a license, nor do they have the intention or the funds to hire many additional employees.

We conducted a workshop during which a clear strategy for the future of the company was established. This was driving the organizational requirements and the choice of modules to be included in the set up. We then created all internal guidelines and policies as well as the application for FINMA. The Assetbox supported with the selection of the application auditor and the coordination with FINMA.

After obtaining the FINMA license, the outsourced functions of Compliance, Risk Management and Operations were part of the organization and continued to support the founding team so that they could continue to focus on managing their fund while being fully compliant.

Case study # 1

New Asset Management firm

Services were requested by a small team who has just recently separated from a private bank with the intention of setting up their own asset management firm in order to continue managing the assets of their clients. As the expertise of the team was centralised around managing the assets and the relationships with their clients, they were looking for a one-stop-shop taking care of all the administration and operational aspects of the young company until it was generating sufficient revenues that they could start to in source certain tasks. Deloitte’s platform could therefore contribute to the successful start and growth of a new asset management firm, and we are looking forward to continue supporting them in achieving their growth objectives.

Case study # 2