finance transformation


Finance Transformation

Changes to the regulatory environment, business reorganisations and major transactions have triggered a significant re-evaluation of finance capabilities in many organisations. This has led to major transformation programmes in finance which impact the whole organisation, not just finance and create new challenges for CFOs.

Deloitte capabilities:

Professionalising the Finance Function

Today’s CFOs are expected to play four diverse and challenging roles. The two traditional roles are Steward, preserving the assets, and Operator, running a tight finance operation. It’s increasingly important for CFOs to be Strategists, helping to shape overall strategy and direction, and Catalysts, instilling a financial approach and mind set throughout the organisation. Our unrivalled breadth and depth of experience enables us to provide the full range of CFO advisory services and help you find the “right” answer to all four dimensions of the finance function – control, efficiency, performance and execution.

Finance Transformation Programme

Deloitte has a wealth of experience in supporting end-to-end transformation of finance functions. We have developed a framework, including concepts, tools and other components that can be tailored to provide a solid and proven approach to ensure and improve your finance transformation programme. We can create an optimal finance organisation structure for the successful realisation of finance strategy, including target finance operation model.

Impact of SST and SII on capital Intensity

The impact of the years of SST reporting is still being worked through – what is clear is that both Solvency II and the SST will increase the amount of risk capital that is being held by insurers. This may act as a drag on profitability and place further emphasis on operational cost control and profitable growth. Insurers are now rethinking their asset allocation and liability portfolio in order to better manage their solvency ratio and its corresponding volatility.

Entreprise Performance Management

We have established a performance management framework and defined the major value drivers. We set up a group of KPIs that are aligned to these drivers to make sure that the correct items are measured and you are able to steer accordingly. Producing accurate and timely reports that help facilitate management discussions about “what to do” are much more valuable than thinking about “where the numbers come from.”