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Growth in Banking Services

Profitable growth as the basis for a long-term competitive success

As the banking industry continues to face complex economic, regulatory, and social environments, it is more important than ever for senior executives to take a holistic view in understanding their organization and positioning it for future profitability and growth

Deloitte understands the issues banks face as they grow and can help your business meet and exceed its objectives

Deloitte has undertaken several engagements in the Banking industry allowing us to uncover the secrets of successful growth organisation.

Our Strategy team based in Zurich, Basel and Geneva helps clients to address the two most critical growth questions:

How can an organisation achieve value creating growth?

How can an organisation sustain the created value?

How we can help

Our services are based around the Deloitte Strategy Framework that helps clients to plan and prepare for growth

Our services are based around the Deloitte Strategy Framework that helps clients to plan and prepare for growth by answering the “What? Where? How? and Why?” in relation to their key business challenges.

The Growth System
Our Growth system is a strategic framework to sustain value creating growth that consists of four cornerstones: growth target, areas for growth generation, optimal growth portfolio and effective execution. It supports clients to identify the most suitable path for growth.

Insight led growth – Advanced Analytics
Our comprehensive approach combines raw information with deep banking expertise and solutions to make the best use of it. We help clients to identify and answer the questions most relevant to their organisations leading to educating decisions around growth objectives and sources.

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy
Helps clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We enhance our clients’ ability to adapt by exploring the impacts of uncertainty and risk on corporate / business unit strategies.

Market Expansions
International market expansion as growth strategy presents great potential, but demands careful consideration and a relatively long timeframe to execute and generate returns. Clients exploring such growth option are well served by leveraging knowledgeable and experienced advisors through the entire journey

Customer Experience
The customer experience offering helps identify and prioritize specific initiatives for an organization to improve its client experience, perform customer analytics to determine current stat CE, streamline the client issue resolution process, develop employee training from improved client interactions, and adjust incentives so that sales and service employees behaviours are focused on the improving CE.

Product and Service Innovation
The product and service innovation offering helps companies research, define and develop products and service offerings to drive profitable growth. This capability also addresses the effectiveness of product and service offerings that make up extended products. It also looks at developing an innovation engine to help drive market growth.

Our Service Offerings