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2017 Deloitte Swiss Human Capital Trends

Rewriting the rules for the digital age

Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Our survey of more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organize, manage, develop, and align people at work.

It's what we do that makes the difference

A call to action for HR and business leaders

A number of converging issues are driving the need to "rewrite the rules." Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Individuals are relatively quick to adapt to ongoing innovations, but organizations move at a slower pace. Many still retain industrial age structure and practices that are long outdated. Even slower moving are public policy issues, such as income inequality, unemployment, immigration, and trade.

It's these gaps among technology, individuals, businesses, and public policy that are creating a unique opportunity for HR to help leaders and organizations adapt to technology, help people adapt to new models of work and careers, and help the company as a whole adapt to and encourage positive changes in society, regulation, and public policy.

Ranking of 2017 Swiss trends by importance

126 Swiss leaders have rated our Human Capital trends based on their importance for their organisation which is outlined in the ranking below. Each of the 10 trends in our Human Capital report affects the role of HR, which in turn leads to a serious question: How well is HR keeping up?

Swiss Human Capital Trends in detail

The results from our survey demonstrates that Swiss leaders are aligned with the global outcome of the Human Capital Trends reports with only minor changes in the top 10 ranking. The below slideshow provides you additional insights into each of the top 10 trends from a Swiss point of view.

Global Human Capital Trends in detail

Global Human Capital Trends library

Explore years of trends that helped shape the current HR and talent landscape

Deloitte has been conducting and compiling global research into human capital trends since 2012—a body of work that represents some of the longest-running and most comprehensive study of HR, talent, and related technology topics ever conducted. Exploring past trend reports gives insight into the ongoing and emerging forces shaping the world of work.

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