The workplace of the future is flexible and connected

But are Swiss firms evolving fast enough?

When the world of work changes, the workplace must evolve. In our latest survey of 1,000 office employees in Switzerland, we found:

  • Low levels of flexibility over working location
  • High levels of flexibility over working hours
  • Inadequate provision of digital devices
  • A lack of guidelines and limited support from managers

A majority of Swiss employees now use digital technologies and devices to perform knowledge-intensive and non-routine work. This makes them able to work independently of a specific location, and often also independently of fixed working hours. The proportion of employees who work remotely is likely to increase further over the coming years.

Workplaces must adapt to promote flexibility, collaboration and connectivity. Our study ‘Workplace transformation in a digital age’ reveals that this is not currently being reflected in the Swiss workplace, and that there is still much left to be done. Fill in your information to download the report opposite.

Workplace transformation in the digital age

Key findings

A guide to a successful workplace transformation

To ensure a successful transformation into a modern workplace that is designed to enable flexibility, collaboration and connectivity, Swiss companies should take an integrated approach that reflects all four relevant dimensions of the workplace ecosystem (space, place, talent and technology) and adapt them appropriately.

Our report shows how Swiss companies should go about devising such an approach and what kind of challenges they need to meet.

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