Order Management

Commercial Operations in Life Sciences

In Order Management, Life Sciences companies address commercial master data and contract terms & conditions, price/discount applications to quotes and bids, and interactions with customers through customer care.

Commercial master data quality and detailed process analysis are critical in generating deep insights to drive improvement throughout the order lifecycle. Transparency across the end-to-end process enables continuous improvement, effective pricing management strategies and ensures required compliance – ultimately improving the customer experience.

Order Management interventions present benefits to Life Sciences organisations, by:

  • Leveraging automation to minimise manual intervention.
  • Driving continuous improvement and efficiency of end-to-end processes.
  • Providing a single, 360-degree view of the customer across each stage of the order lifecycle.

To optimise this approach to Order Management we have devised the following suite of solutions. Please refer to the respective downloads for further detail.

Order management

Download the deep dives

Through the next couple of weeks we will be launching the four deep dives. Stay tuned.

Download the first three deep dives

Process improvement & mining, Enabling touchless ordering and Customer Service

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