De-risking Pharma and creating value for patients

Facing the tidal wave

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a ‘tidal wave’ of complex age and behaviour related diseases creating increased economic, scientific and delivery risks. How can pharma companies evolve to overcome these obstacles?

New research from the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions looks at the changing pattern of diseases and its implications for the industry whilst highlighting a series of bold choices. Facing the tidal wave: De-risking pharma and creating value for patients proposes that pharma companies should focus on de-risking and delivering greater value to healthcare systems to deal with the threats facing the industry and to succeed in the 21st century.

De-risking pharma and creating value for patients
Options to create value and reduce risk

In response to increased scientific, economic and delivery risks, pharma companies will need to focus on creating greater value and de-risking their business model. Our report proposes seven options:

  • Design and build models of continuous R&D innovation
  • Develop a “directed research approach” where governments or funders of the research direct the research
  • Invest in agile development and accelerated access to speed up the availability of new drugs, increase adoption rates and redesign reimbursement and contacting models
  • Develop lifetime patient, product and disease data management as part of a patient engagement strategy
  • Invest in clinical pathway delivery combining new drugs, devices, processes and digital platforms to improve outcomes and potentially reduce costs
  • Use digital platforms to transform patient management, outcomes measurement and reimbursement
  • Build continuous launch factories to support multiple launches with lower costs and higher quality
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