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Real world evidence

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Healthcare data present a unique opportunity to develop real world evidence insights into existing diagnostic and treatment pathways, to identify unmet need and to demonstrate the actual clinical and economic impact of interventions within the healthcare system.

This evidence enables R&D organisations to prioritise their pipeline investments more effectively, better understand underlying causes of disease and identify opportunities for indication expansion and business development. It allows commercial organisations to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of their products to payers, to deploy health solutions that truly integrate healthcare and therapeutics and to build new reimbursement mechanisms.

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Building Pathway Analytics

Monitor Deloitte has enjoyed a long-running partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) to build 'the most detailed map of cancer survivorship yet'.

Our 'Routes from Diagnosis' methodology is a new approach to explore and quantify patient journeys following a cancer diagnosis - providing a more holistic picture of patient experience.

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Building Therapeutic Area Laboratories

A Therapeutic Area Laboratory is a partnership between healthcare providers, academia, Monitor Deloitte, and often industry. This partnership is aligned to a shared vision around using Real World Evidence to benefit patients across a discrete health economy, typically within one to three specific therapeutic areas.

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Building stakeholder trust in use of health data

The development of real world evidence is essential to sustain improvements in patient outcomes - yet there are significant privacy concerns regarding the sharing and use of health data for this and other purposes. Transparency and communication of the benefits of real world evidence is essential but insufficient alone to reassure sceptics.

In order to build further trust across all stakeholder groups, including patients, payers, providers, clinicians, academics, regulators and the pharmaceutical industry, a mutually accepted process with governance is required for the use of health data to generate real world evidence.

Good Clinical Practice is an established and successful standard that gives the confidence necessary for clinicians to prescribe and patients to follow treatments developed through clinical trials. Given the acceptance of Good Clinical Practice, Deloitte believes that an analogous approach should be developed to guide real world evidence studies. We have termed this approach Good Evidence Practice

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