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We have set ourselves the task of presenting public traffic and transport companies with solutions that address the specific market challenges they face; increasing competition, technological trends and challenges, demographic changes and rising customer requirements.

The challenges

There are radical changes ahead for the transport sector, whether we are ready for them or not. This is evident from the public sector investment in intelligent roads and digital railways, the importance that vehicle manufacturers are placing in next generation vehicles and smart mobility services, and the growing recognition that the world of globally available information will shake the status quo in the transport sector to its very foundations.

The growth in the proportion of the world’s population living in urban areas continues to outstrip the capacities of roads, rails and other means of transport. While transport companies are adjusting to this and new competitors are surfacing on the market, new business models are changing the way in which user information is used, as well as payment processes, integration and automation.

What this means for the Swiss market

The digital age has begun, and technology has given us smartphones, real time planning, open traffic data and social customer service. This fundamental shift offers consumers a genuine choice based on an overview of alternative routes, price comparisons and current network status.

These changes give rise to five groundbreaking trends for transport and smart mobility services:

  • User-oriented mobility services put travellers in control; public transport becomes personal. This changes the approach to processes and planning on the basis of user decisions, priorities, data flows and dynamic response to disruptions.
  • Integrated and intelligent transport networks determine demand, measure performance and monitor the status of physical equipment.
  • There will be a revolution in pricing and payment processes over the next five years.
  • Automation and safety are benefiting from the exponential potential of cognitive technologies, which can help save millions of lives worldwide, particularly on the roads.
  • Public and private innovations will complement each other to overcome the mobility challenges of the 21st century. The role of the public sector will be decisive with a view to stimulating progress and protecting citizens.

How Deloitte can support you in your transformation

Deloitte has set itself the task of being able to offer integrated, holistic and innovative solutions for our customers. Our experts have the in-depth market experience, regional expertise and specialist skills required to help our customers overcome the challenges of tomorrow in a cost-effective and targeted manner. With our many years of broad-based experience in the transport sector we are the optimal partner for your transformation.

Our services comprise:

  • Organisational transformation and strategic planning
  • Cost and performance optimisation
  • Maintenance tools and support
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer experience initiatives
  • Internet of things
  • Operational excellence
  • Enterprise architecture

The future of mobility: Ben's journey

Our experts

Roman Müller

Roman Müller


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