Operational Risk

Deloitte helps organisations transform the ways they leverage people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to manage operational risks and elevate business performance. Developing integrated, strategically-aligned operational risk management solutions allow organisations to make optimised business decisions.

Our services

Our services

We help transform internal audit functions by teaming with, or serving as, the internal audit function to make improvements in internal control and process efficiency and contribute to effective regulatory compliance. We provide input to established internal audit functions on their strategy and purpose, resourcing models, and technology.

We offer specialised information technology audit services to deliver risk and controls, audit analytics to extract insights from data, as well as third-party assurance to manage risks from the extended enterprise.

We help organisations assess and evolve the values, beliefs, tone, conduct, and understanding of risk culture to align with their strategy and business practices.

We evaluate and manage third-party risk related to outsourcing, licensing, alliances, and other business partnerships across the organisation to maximise business performance, streamline information technology and licensing costs, and optimise supply chains.

We help clients transform the ways in which they leverage people, technology, data, business processes, and controls to address their operational risks and drive business performance.

Why integrated Risk Management is important

We help clients to transform their enterprise-wide risk & compliance technology and data management frameworks to improve decision-making, enhance intelligent automation, integrate emerging digital technologies and address common industry challenges through targeted, strategic risk insight.

Our team of professionals helps our clients to transform traditional practices, breakdown silos and achieve operational scalability, alignment, transparency and standardization of practices by leveraging integrated GRC/IRM technology solutions.

Benefits for you:
  • Transparency exposing areas of improvement for targeted innovation
  • Increased safeguarding from costly fines, reputational hits or regulatory violations
  • Lowering costs by utilizing integrated solutions, automated processes & workflows to free up teams to focus on areas of higher complexity, such as judgment-based risk monitoring, issue remediation, process improvement, and root cause analysis
  • Faster Return on Investment due to shorter GRC implementation cycles
  • Real-time risk assessment, awareness, and reporting for risk functions and business operations allows faster and better informed decision-making on where to effectively allocate resources and address risks

Innovation in risk and controls is one of the biggest opportunities for organizations. Our research shows that Swiss organizations lack of confidence in their risk and control environments, find it difficult to measure cost and value and have limited control automation.

Deloitte offers the Future of Controls journey to take advantage of this opportunity. Embarking on the FoC journey will allow your organization to leverage digital transformation and utilise the extensive AI systems and automation tools available whilst reducing the cost of risk management through standardization and rationalization of controls.

It’s not about doing more, but about doing things differently in a more efficient way. There has never been a more promising time than now to begin your Future of Controls journey.

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Deloitte's Digital Controllership team helps organizations fundamentally transform their Finance and Accounting to add greater value to the organization by harnessing technology so that they are in control of a responsible, compliant and cost-effective finance organization.

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Ronan Langford

Ronan Langford


Ronan is the Strategic and Operational Risk Lead Partner for Deloitte in Switzerland. He has over 25 years of experience in risk and compliance management. His expertise includes technology and digita... More

Michel Simantirakis-Aller

Michel Simantirakis-Aller


Michel is a Director at Deloitte Switzerland and leads the Technology & Digital practice, focusing on IT and IS risk advisory. Michel has extensive experience in advising global and national organisat... More