Corporate and Business Unit Strategy


Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

In an increasingly uncertain and changing environment, we help clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimisation, differentiation and disruption.

Monitor Deloitte's Corporate and Business Unit Strategy practice helps the largest and most innovative companies define their strategic direction and make key choices both at the level of the whole corporation and for specific business units or geographies. This includes strategic planning, corporate portfolio optimisation, growth identification (organic and inorganic), competitive strategy, new market entry, and scenario planning.

We also go beyond strategy definition to help organisations take the next steps to execute their strategy and make it real. This includes strategic cost reduction programs, capability design, M&A strategy, and dynamic strategic planning systems. From strategy to implementation, we offer custom-tailored services and deep industry insights to tackle the most complex challenges in business.

Future of mobility trends

If you're part of the global mobility ecosystem—or would like to be—get ready for a sea change that extends far beyond trends in the automotive industry.

Center for the Long View

The Center for the Long View (CLV) is Deloitte’s Competence Center for the development of innovative strategies based on the design of scenarios. We assist decision-makers to develop robust strategies for companies and organisations - the future is yours to manage!

Thriving in a world of ecosystems

We’re familiar with ecosystems in the natural world—communities of living organisms interacting with each other and their shared environment, competing and collaborating simultaneously, creating and sharing resources, and adapting together in the face of inevitable external disruptions. Many of these same ideas can provide key insights into understanding today’s business world where ever-denser and richer networks of connection, blurring boundaries, collaboration, and interdependence foster the arrival of continuously evolving “business ecosystems.”

Contact for Financial Services

Dr. Daniel Kobler - Partner, Financial Services Strategy

Daniel is a partner at Monitor Deloitte and one of the leaders in Deloitte Switzerland’s banking practice where he is – among-st other roles - Deloitte Switzerland’s banking innovation leader. He has more than 17 years of experience in serving universal banks, retail & private banks, and wealth and asset management companies. Moreover, Daniel is intensively working with FinTech companies across Europe.

+41 58 279 6849

Contact for Life Sciences & Health Care

Barri Falk - Partner, Monitor Deloitte Life Sciences

Barri is a Partner who currently leads our Monitor Deloitte Life Sciences practice in Switzerland. Barri is a cross-cultural leader with more than 28 years of global pharmaceutical experience, with a particular emphasis on R&D, commercial growth strategy and business model transformation. She has extensive experience in helping global Life Sciences companies define where they will play and how they will win with therapeutic area and product launch strategies, operating model transformations, real world evidence strategies, and digital innovations in customer engagement.

+41 58 279 9137

Contact for Consumer & Industrial Products

Nico Kleyn - Partner, Consulting

Nico, Consulting partner, leads the Life Sciences consulting practice in Switzerland and co-leads Deloitte’s European Pricing Centre of Excellence. Nico has over 17 years’ experience advising leading multinationals in improving their top and bottom line, by developing and implementing growth strategies through commercial, operational and technology enabled transformation programmes.

+41 58 279 8166