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In an age of technology disruption, finance executives need strategies to design, implement, and deliver as-a-service solutions for finance processes, operations, and supporting technology.

The finance functions that underpin an organization’s success can be complex. Today’s finance professionals need the smart tools and guidance to manage these complexities and provide insights to drive profitability and growth—and Deloitte’s Finance & Performance services deliver the industry-leading knowledge and cloud-based solutions to do just that.

Finance leaders looking to transform their business processes, or strategize for event-driven transformations such as mergers & acquisitions, can navigate smoothly through the challenge with the experienced direction of Deloitte’s Finance Strategy professionals. Our teams provide strategic services including technology, data, systems architecture, and talent strategies to ensure successful transformations in areas such as general strategy, capital management, IPO readiness, and events and turnarounds.

Our Business Finance offerings leverage the power of advanced analytics and statistical forecasting to support process transformation, including business finance process, performance management and talent optimization, budgeting and planning, and management information and insights.

Deloitte’s Global Business Services bring an organization’s disparate locations and business units together in the kind of operational harmony that transforms outcomes. With offerings such as service-delivery and operating-model design, and Business Process Outsourcing advice, our specialists help you synchronize governance and business practices across organization locations to enhance collaboration and drive efficiencies.

Deloitte’s Operational Finance services help you transform and optimize day-to-day transactional functions central to the role of finance departments. Our professionals work in areas such as close, consolidate, report to reduce cost, align resources, enhance insights, and improve speed and quality control of the process; managing the end-to-end procure-to-pay processes that an organization performs to source, procure, and pay for materials, goods and services, and manage working capital; and the implementation of automated solutions to smooth an organization’s order to cash functions.

Extensive real estate holdings can turn from valuable assets into liabilities if not managed effectively. Let our property professionals guide your Real Estate & Locations Strategy with technology solutions and leading-edge advice on location selection, portfolio optimization, incentive negotiations, risk management, asset sales, and other key decisions that will keep your real estate aligned with your business imperatives.

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Finance Innovation Survey 2022

How Finance executives in Switzerland relate to sustainability

This year's Finance Innovation Survey addresses the question of how Finance executives in Switzerland relate to sustainability. Our goal is to shed light on the role of the Finance department in sustainability; examine sustainability reporting; explore processes, systems and data; and highlight the talents and skills situation that can enable Finance to act as a catalyst for a company's sustainability efforts.

A future-proof target operating model for Finance

What does a future-proof operating model look like?

Rapidly evolving trends in workforce, technology and markets are increasing the pressure on Finance to provide actionable insights to the business. Additionally, there is growing demand for Finance to become more adaptable and quicker to respond to internal and external requests for financial and non-financial information.

Enabling a data-driven enterprise

Five reasons why the CFO should govern enterprise data

Historically the CFO and Finance function have been associated with accounting and reporting, not data governance. But given increasing market pressures and business expectations, Finance has developed beyond being a mere data cruncher. We explain below why, in our view, the CFO should govern enterprise data.

Becoming a digital front runner

Digital transformation for GBS Finance leaders

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating rapidly, with many customer-facing organisations embracing a “digital-first” mindset. This in turn places demands on the GBS organisation to transform itself into a modern partner for the business. To do that, GBS Finance leaders need to be well versed in the tools, methods, skill set and set-ups that can enable them to become a digital front runner.

Mastering Cost of Goods complexity in multinational manufacturing

Five key aspects of Supply Chain Business Finance transformation

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and product costing do not have to be pain points of the finance function. There is an opportunity to turn them into a competitive advantage – whereby an agile and technology-enabled Supply Chain Business Finance function adds value to the business through upgraded analytical capabilities, and supports corporate controlling by connecting business steering and accounting “worlds”.

The future of office space can create financial opportunities

Remote work post-pandemic can reduce facility needs and costs

By rethinking how employees work, companies could reduce the amount of office space they need, driving lower costs and a better employee experience.

The power to thrive: insights for leaders in Finance

Innovate to shape the new Finance now

The pandemic has accelerated the urgency to re-shape Finance. Evolutions in workforce and talent are driving the demand for Finance to adapt, and digital technology is now available to enable Finance to innovate and leap. In this article series we share our insights to help our Swiss clients better position their Finance functions for the new reality. The market won’t wait, should you?

The economy recovers, but uncertainty remains

The Deloitte CFO Survey Switzerland – second half-year 2021

The Swiss CFO survey provides an overview of the financial attitudes of Chief Financial Officers and Group Finance Directors of major companies based in Switzerland. Published bi-annually, the Swiss Survey is aligned to the European CFO survey, including a mix of questions relevant to the CFO at a business environment, company and operational level.

The ‘Crunch time’ series for CFOs

From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of finance gets done. Examine specific digital disruptors and their impacts in our "Crunch time" report series.

Upcoming events

Deloitte Finance Day, 19 May 2022

Finance in a Digital World

An exciting platform for networking and exchange awaits senior finance executives under the topic Finance in a Digital World. With keynote speakers, panel discussions, benchmark meetings and client stories, the full day event offers you interesting insights as well as the chance to connect and discuss.


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