Finance Digital Technologies

Technology is a key enabler of a Finance function’s possibilities in its digitalisation journey, as well as supporting good business decisions.

We work with many of the world’s leading technology companies to help executives design and implement solutions that optimise Finance operations and Business performance.


What if planning could improve both your top and bottom line? Leveraging the native capabilities of Anaplan’s platform and Deloitte’s breadth of industry experience and unique transformational capabilities, we can get you there. With the power of connected planning combined with cognitive capabilities and predictive analytics, we can help transform how your business makes strategic operational and financial decisions. Increase visibility across your organization, connect siloed data, and take your real-time planning and forecasting to an entirely new level.

Deloitte contacts: Thea Caminada and Christian Reichel

OneStream XF

OneStream XF is a comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management solution that enables integration of all key finance processes within one single, unified platform. This includes financial close and consolidation, transaction matching, account reconciliations, planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis as well as complex data integration and data quality capabilities. The platform can be extended with ready-to-install apps for compliance, specialty planning, tax provisioning, predictive analytics, machine learning and various utilities.

Deloitte contacts: Thea Caminada and Matthias Kirschbaum


Oracle is a key enabler for organisations to drive instant user productivity, reduce costs and to help accelerate cloud adoption. By being a leader in cloud applications, platform services and cloud infrastructure services, Oracle provides a wide range of innovative and disruptive technologies supporting organisations in driving new business opportunities, across each business function: finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, customer service and marketing. Deloitte is recognised by analysts as a leader in supporting with Oracle Application Services.

Deloitte contacts: Thea Caminada 


Trufa is a Deloitte analytics application that provides insights about business optimisation in the enterprise in high speed and precision. In the past, Analytics meant to aggregate numbers into metrics, turn them into pies and bars, and perhaps even calculate trend lines. The complex, but value-adding work – namely to derive insights and actions from the information – has to be done by humans.

Deloitte contacts: Davide Botta 


Workday is a cloud-based system that allows organizations to manage financials, human capital, procurement and planning, within ONE source system. It allows you to optimise and automate business processes whilst also allowing real-time insights for sound decision-making. Deloitte has been recognised as a global leader for Workday implementations, being the largest global provider of Workday services. ALM Intelligence has recognised Deloitte as a global leader in Digital Consulting to the CFO, and as #1 in Human Capital consulting.

Deloitte contacts: Thea Caminada