Maintenance Foundational Data

Dfactory Deloitte Center of Excellence for Maintenance

Dfactory offers development, standarization, and optimización of foundational data services for maintenance, accelerating asset management value creation at your organization. Dfactory can accomplish robust high-quality results in a short period of time. Leveraged on its best-in-class maintenance strategy library, reliability specialists, tailorable technological accelerators and agile delivery.

Some of problems that Dfactory can help with:

  • Unlock potential of your maintenance process.
  • Substantially improve data tracking and standardization.
  • Address problems from improper asset data logging.
  • Ensure spare parts and materials availability for all the equipment.
  • Rapidly define and optimize maintenance planning across facilities.

Meet some of our services and capabilities:

  • Asset Registry & Hierarchy: 500 Assets with their respective functional location-parenthood relationship, ready to be uploaded to client systems in 1-2 Weeks *.
  • Criticality Analysis: 500 Assets in 2-4 Weeks*, developed according to client guidelines and criteria, following International Standards (SAE JA 10/11).
  • Maintenance Strategies: 500 Assets in 3-5 Weeks*, aligned with International Standards (SAE JA, API, NFPA, ISO), adapted to client operating context.
  • Spare Parts & BOMs: 500 Assets in 1-3 Weeks*, aligned with Make & Model specification, inventory operating model and existing SKUs.
  • Predictive Policy Development: 1 Policy in 8 Weeks*, including foundational data, predictive model, recommended process workflow and dashboard.

* Referential deadlines based on our latest projects, may change depending on project definitions.

Our customers and experience endorse us:

  • Mining Industry (International Company with referent in Canada, with presence in Chile) – Asset Management Optimization
  • Oil & Gas Industry (International Company referent in USA) – Maintenance Transformation Program
  • Mining Industry (International Copper Company referent in Chile)- Migration to Smart Predictive Maintenance

Results experienced in more than 60 International Projects, during the last 5 years:

  • 20-30% in maintenance costs decrease.
  • 15-30% unplanned plant shutdown.
  • 5-15% Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increase.

Dfactory quickly provides high-end foundational data services, for experience our results, contact us.


Pilar Moreno, Dfactory Leader - Manager, Consulting

Pablo Morales, Partner - Supply Chain & Network Operation, Consulting

Dominic Collins, Leading Partner - Energy, Resources & Industrials

James Nesbitt, Partner - Consulting Asset Ecosystem

5 steps to create value from asset condition signals through Predictive Maintenance Policies

Why now?

This paper will be covering some of the new trends in the maintenance area, giving advice on the best approach to build a robust system around maintenance and providing well defined steps to create a Predictive Policy, balancing the various tradeoffs you’ll encounter along the path to predictive maintenance and be one step closer to Industry 4.0.

Predictive maintenance and the smart factory

Connecting machines to reliability professionals

For maintenance and reliability professionals, the goal is always the same: to maximize asset availability. Predictive maintenance can help.

Making maintenance smarter

Predictive maintenance and the digital supply network

Poor maintenance strategies can substantially reduce a plant’s productive capacity. As machine parts are taken offline for servicing, many organizations face the challenge of weighing lost production time against the risks of breakdowns. Predictive maintenance could be a solution.

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Pablo Morales

Pablo Morales

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Dominic Collins

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