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"I was in the first batch of employees joining GDC in 2015. It has been my pleasure to witness the continuous growth of GDC and the whole firm. After graduating, I started my career journey as a junior. Going through different stages and role transformations, I progressed systematically to become a team leader today.

“Deloitte GDC provides me with a good platform and allows me to grow with the firm. At Deloitte, employees have very clear career pathways, which help me plan for my future. First, I built self-awareness through internships. In the next 2-3 years, I worked to consolidate and enhance my skills. After this, I led a small team for 2-3 years to gain management experience and continuously improve my professional capability to grow as an independent team leader.

“At GDC, there are team-building activities and year-end parties with different themes, gift bags for Chinese New Year, and little presents for different festivals. These activities give me the feeling of being cared for, and enable me to sense the inclusiveness and cohesion of the team." 

Q: What attracted you to work at Deloitte GDC?

A: It was because Deloitte GDC cares for employees. Despite offering employees a competitive salary, there is comprehensive welfare including the "five social insurances and one housing fund" and additional business insurance, talent incentive mechanism D.Coin, annual body check and lifelong critical illness benefits for employees, critical illness benefits for parents, lactation rooms and the Employee Assistance Program 24-hour hotline.

The company promotes work-life balance and personal, sustainable development. Fresh graduates can enjoy annual leaves of more than 10 days and time-off for CPA exams in the first year they join Deloitte. Moreover, there is a wide range of activities for employees, including year-end parties, athletics days, teambuilding, birthday parties, celebrations for different festivals, and volunteering opportunities. We not only work. We also relax.


"I first encountered the GDC at a campus event last fall, where several guests shared their views on prospects for the consulting industry and technology development. As a newcomer, I was facing many difficulties during the time, but learnt a lot from the event and later joined the company as an intern consultant in cloud development technology. After onboarding, I joined several training courses, which enhanced my professional skills and soft skills. Although the courses were easy to understand, it was important to listen carefully during lessons because there are after-class exercises. If there are still things that you do not understand, you do not need to worry. The "exclusive master" gave me a lot of help and advice. I am very glad and grateful that I could meet him! My coach is also my role model. Whenever I achieve something, they will give me timely recognition. The happiness is indescribable."

Q: Why did you join Deloitte GDC?

A: I chose Deloitte GDC because here there is a clear, transparent career path. I can clearly understand my future direction. Moreover, Deloitte GDC is a large global platform for me to acquire high-quality information on different industries. The working atmosphere is very diverse and inclusive. Here, you can easily meet like-minded friends.


"The most attractive thing about working at GDC is that I can work happily with a group of excellent colleagues every day! After joining Deloitte, I found that the work was not something repetitive. Our clients are from different industries, and they have different questions and insights. To me, as a workplace newcomer, it is a great challenge and an opportunity.

It was my pleasure to be involved in an important project in the Greater Bay Area just after I joined the team. My teammates were from different regions and had different backgrounds. Therefore, our team had a diverse talent pool. When colleagues from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong discussed issues together, the office was filled with Cantonese, Putonghua, and English.

"We often have different views, but our voices are exceptionally harmonious! With a science background, actively participating in project discussions and communicating with clients has greatly enhanced my presentation skills and I am now more confident. I believe that with more experience in the industry, I can grow as a professional. "

 Q: How can fresh graduates adapt quickly to the workplace?

 A: There is no need to worry about this at Deloitte GDC. We have a comprehensive training system and a large variety of training opportunities to help you grow quickly from a workplace newcomer to a professional. In addition, we have a mentor culture and mentorship scheme. Your mentor will answer your questions and help you anytime and anywhere to provide guidance in the workplace and through your career. 

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