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Growing value to the Firm

The Deloitte brand entered the China market in 1917 with the opening of an office in Shanghai. Today, Deloitte China delivers a comprehensive range of audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, and tax services to local, multinational, and growth enterprise clients in China.

Deloitte China established its Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Chongqing, a key growth engine of China, in 2015. The Center provides innovative, multi-lingual offerings that support compliance and advisory services. GDC helps drive maximum efficiency and provides centralized "plug and play" internal services, enabling a scope of work that serves global clients and the Deloitte network better, making a real impact that matters. The Deloitte GDC has established offices in Chongqing, Dalian, and Guangzhou.


Jobs at GDC

GDC has almost 6000 full time, passionate, and experienced professionals supporting internal and external client services. We apply vanguard digital technologies including AI, robotics, distributed ledger, and cloud. Everyone at GDC is encouraged to develop their full potential and make an impact through high-touch leadership development.

At GDC, there are opportunities across Deloitte's service offerings of Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, and Tax & Business Advisory. We also provide high quality offerings in Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Brand & Communications, and Professional Environment Services. Our people are experts in their fields and our people-first culture ensures we grow stronger together through our unique strengths.  


Audit & Assurance

As the key driver of the growth of Deloitte China’s high-quality Audit business and an integral part of Deloitte's global audit transformation, the Audit & Assurance team includes four centers: the Audit Support Center, Reporting Center, Innovation Center, and Confirmation Center.. The regional audit delivery center is a remote services center with a diverse talent pool. It continuously designs, implements, and improves standardized audit-related processes and provides multi-dimensional audit project support. With the help of regional audit delivery centers, GDC audit engagement teams complete standardized work processes, improve audit quality, reduce audit costs, and create greater value for Deloitte clients.


Deloitte China Consulting at GDC was established in Chongqing in January 2015. We have since expanded to include branch offices in Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Taipei, with Dalian focused mainly on delivering remote business services to Japan. In Consulting, our professionals are equipped with comprehensive consulting, design, development, testing, delivery, and operation and maintenance skills for integrated business services including Enterprise Technology & Performance, Digital Customer, and Marketing and Human Resources.

We provide leading on-site and remote management consulting services and technical solutions to clients in China and Asia Pacific, including customized systems development, SAP implementation and development, intelligent enterprise operations, system implementation, application management services (AMS), and the development and deployment of industry- and customer-specific solutions.

Financial Advisory

Our professionals provide project delivery support, dedicated work support, and IT development services for Deloitte China Financial Advisory.

Through its professional capabilities, unified resource integration, and centralized operation of large, complex processes, GDC forms an efficient, highly standardized delivery model that provides remote support for project delivery, customer services, business development, and management improvements. Deloitte China Financial Advisory is committed to providing clients with comprehensive support, including M&A financing advisory and transaction services, valuation and business modeling services, forensic services, restructuring services, regional economic advisory, and infrastructure and capital project financial advisory.

Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory takes a risk-intelligence approach, providing a growing number of outstanding solutions in cyber security, strategic consulting, and governance and control. We help clients, wherever they are in the world, seize opportunities and connect trust, resilience, and security for prosperous development—ensuring sustainable growth, making a positive impact for society, and growing into more responsible organizations. If you join the Risk Advisory team, you will learn different professional solutions, gain outstanding service experiences, and have the opportunity to show your talent across different service lines. With our high-tech work environment and the high-quality work experience we provide employees, you can develop you talent and unleash your full potential here.

Tax & Business Advisory Services

We are a leading tax and business consulting services team of creative thinkers. We are innovative and pioneering consultants with unique advantages in networking with the tax departments of the Big Four accounting firms. We are technology-oriented and committed to developing brand-new, innovative ideas. With our outstanding technical capacity, we are constantly innovative and continuously develop new solutions. We place high importance on our technical capacity. Through the Tax Championship and other courses and activities, we educate and cultivate tax talent. We have boundless enthusiasm, aiming to strip away complexity and accurately interpret tax laws and regulations. We have long been at the forefront of the industry, helping customers to find the right direction in this ever-changing world, responding calmly to challenges, and gaining the confidence to take action. With deep expertise, our main services include Business Tax, Indirect Tax, Tax Technology Consulting and Support, Transfer Pricing, Global Employer Services, and Business Process Solutions (BPS).

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We offer opportunities for interns, graduates, and experienced hires at the highest level.

Working with us, you can make a vital impact on operating efficiency by working with different colleagues from various offices in and outside China. You will help us shape our long-term objective of supporting other member firms in our global organization.

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