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Highlights of GDC training programs

The GDC offers year-round intern recruitment and conversion opportunities. To improve the working experience and help students grow from interns to full-time employees, we have created various training programs to help workplace newcomers integrate into their teams and adapt to work.



School-enterprise cooperation projects:

Deloitte GDC collaborates with colleges and universities in various regions to host projects including audit training classes and management consulting elite classes, aiming to establish a multi-faceted, multi-level school-enterprise cooperation platform encompassing teaching, practice, employment, and more. The GDC is committed to developing talent with professional knowledge and practical skills.


Intern training program:

Each intern will receive one-to-one guidance from business mentors throughout the internship journey. Subject to different business lines, we have designed different professional skills training for interns.


As a new joiner, you will receive:

All new joiners to GDC are invited to join a one-week induction training. During the induction training, you can clearly understand Deloitte GDC’s development and business model, gain insights into industry trends, undertake in-depth studies, obtain professional knowledge, and meet friends who will grow with you.


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