Facing Future,Continuous Learning


Facing Future, Continuous Learning

HCAS Quarterly Issue No.2, 2017

Looking back the last century, Deloitte has deeply rooted in the Chinese market, stuck to expertise and leading in the changing age and always impress our employees and clients with future-oriented attitudes and ideas; looking into the next century, revolutions and innovations are coming to us at unprecedented rates, Deloitte excels in many fields like digital、artificial intelligence、block chain and we still study and develop with a more inclusive and open attitude. Facing the future, we always go further.

Concerned with topics as studying and developing, new type organizations, digital human resources and talent motivations, five articles are featured in HCAS Quarterly:

  • Radically open: A talk with Tom Friedman on jobs, learning, and the future of works1, which is discussing "the future of work" and "the future work" and puts forward opinions that "career tends to become work and company is going to be a stage".
  • Catch the wave: the 21st century career1, which provides solutions of "study and develop" based on the challenge of "validity of professional knowledge is getting shorter and shorter while single permanent career concepts are becoming things of the past".
  • The way of new type organization based on abundant research analysis and projects experiences, this article brings forward practical thinking of building new type organizations.
  • Step into Digital Human Capital: Case sharing from HCAS HK shares how to deal with the transformation of human capital digital and globalization and handle challenges in this great change as well as opportunities.
  • Current situation and trend of talent incentive in private hospitals analyses and shares the research findings and experience of talent motivations in the field of private hospitals.

1 From Deloitte Business Review


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