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2016 Global Mobile Consumer Survey – China Edition

"2016 mobile consumer survey" is an annual global study led by Deloitte. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand relationship between consumers and mobile digital devices, and it points out the opportunities and challenges that operators, equipment manufacturers, application developers and enterprises in mobile telecom industry are facing.

About Survey

2016 mobile consumer survey is a part of Deloitte research project conducted across the globe in 2014 covering 6 continents, 31 countries. In China, data was gathered from 2,000 Chinese consumers across four distinct demographics and technology behaviour groups. The 2016 survey covered three topics: devices, internet and application.

Viewpoints / Key Findings

  • Wearable devices are becoming the mainstream
    Young consumers are the main contribution to the raise of the wearable devices ownership.
  • Penetration of VR devices is still low
    Low end device satisfied existing demand.
  • IOT user glad to share usage data
    Increase security to boost user trust.
  • Rise of domestic mobile phone
    The rise of domestic mobile phone indicates a possibility to replace imported mobile phone.
  • Mobile Phone recycle market is not mature
    Improving resale program to restructure 2nd hand mobile phone sales value chain.
  • Smartphone managing work and entertainment
    Smartphones have become the necessity of daily life.
  • 4G is penetrating and becoming the mainstream
  • Online sales channel for mobile phone is growing
    Physical store sales drop while online sales on the raise.
  • Data is the direction of future development
  • Effectiveness of mobile ad continue to raise
    Video ad conversion rate is noticeable.
  • Mobile payment usage maintain highs
    Wide variety of application scenarios is the key to promote high usage rate.

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