Deloitte shares digital transformation insights @SAP NOW

SAP Now was held with great success in Shanghai on September 6. Being SAP's highly important conference of the year in China, the conference was specifically for executives from clients, which domestic and overseas subject matter experts, media and business partners were invited to discuss the pathway of future digital transformation. Deloitte Consulting attended the conference as a sponsor of the forefront on digital transformation; and we anticipate deeper and more extensive interaction with our alliance partner and clients will take place to advocate the fulfilment of the common vision.

During the conference, Deloitte Consulting's Managing Partner, Stanley Dai, met with SAP Greater China CEO, Mark Gibbs. Both parties reviewed the results of our cooperation over the past few months and reached a consensus on the priorities for further cooperation. Faced with fierce global and regional competition, Deloitte Consulting and SAP will work closely to help clients in the critical moment of market and technology transformation, discover potential on their own, integrate innovation into business, realize the intelligent transformation and operational excellence of enterprises.

Deloitte Consulting's SAP Partner, Tony Ao, delivered a speech named "Revolution, Innovation, Intelligence - the transformation road of intelligent enterprises" in Intelligent ERP track. He highlighted that the world is in an era of digital subversion. New technology has enhanced the ability of "perception", "interpretation", "evaluation" and "response" to the real world. It has completely changed the management and business model of enterprises. The seamless integration of technology and business innovation has enabled enterprises to change the way and format in delivering value. Enhancing intelligence, building platform-based enterprises will be critical to digital transformation, and "product + service" will also become the core competitiveness of enterprises. The establishment of platform ecosphere or become a part of the ecosphere, become a realistic choice for future enterprises. At the same time, he shared the characteristics, architecture, value and evolutionary route of the intelligent enterprise, and initiated discussions on how to build a new generation of intelligent enterprise.

Deloitte Consulting's HR Technology Lead Partner, Wang Dawei introduced the new definition of human resource management in digital environment to the customers present on the theme of "HR Excellent Operation Management in New Generation" in SAP SuccessFactors track. Deloitte's Bersin Survey of many companies shows that in order to adapt to the new trends in business management, human resources need to redesign management and work methods to provide sustainable business value. The new human resource management puts forward higher requirements for HR service operation. Deloitte FastForward effectively utilizes the new generation of HR system architecture to improve service efficiency and quality, achieve rapid performance preview, continuous business optimization, and help customers accelerate transformation with leading practice.

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