Workshop Calendar 2018

Deloitte Academy




February 2018 AML: Preparing for a Regulator’s Visit Nicosia
February 2018 AML: Conducting and Responding to Investigations Nicosia
February 2018 Payment Services Directive 2 Nicosia
March 2018 The Basics of AML Nicosia
March 2018 Basics of Accounting and Tax for Lawyers Nicosia
March 2018 GDPR Nicosia
March 2018 The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II Limassol
April 2018 Introduction to Business Valuation Nicosia
May 2018 Basics of VAT Nicosia
May 2018 AnaCredit Nicosia
May 2018 Digital Transformation Nicosia
June 2018 Principles of Business Management - Part II: HR, Succession Planning, Financial Statement analysis Nicosia
September 2018 PRIIPS Nicosia
October 2018 IFRS Updates Nicosia
October 2018 IFRS for Insurance Companies Nicosia
October 2018 AML/GDPR/FATCA/CRS Nicosia
November 2018 Tax Updates 2018 Nicosia
November 2018 VAT Legislation and Updates 2018 Nicosia
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