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2015–2016 Private Label sourcing survey

Shifts in countries and capabilities

The retail landscape is evolving dramatically, as technology-enabled shoppers demand new products with higher visibility into how they are being sourced. Private Label continues to represent a significant opportunity for retailers to drive margin, differentiate products, and serve consumers’ wide–and changing–tastes.

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Deloitte’s 2015-2016 Private Label sourcing survey highlights shifts in market trends and uncovers leading Private Label sourcing practices. With 388 respondents from Apparel, General Merchandise, and Grocery retailers, the 2015-2016 survey builds on the findings of our 2012-2013 assessment and dives deeper into industry trends, including:

  • More than cost: Retailers reported they are focusing efforts on product quality, speed to market and mitigating risk to satisfy consumers, with the majority ranking quality assurance programs as the top strategic response for the second year running
  • Fewer, deeper manufacturer relationships: With 3 in 4 retailers already or planning to consolidate vendors, the industry is placing bigger bets on fewer manufacturers, causing potential ripple effects that could upset the current sourcing landscape
  • Mixed success on reshoring: Reshoring production to domestic vendors was retailers’ top emerging response to market pressures with nearly one third planning to reshore in the future. However, across categories, only 50-70% of those attempting to reshore have succeeded
  • Movement in the source of supply: The survey captures retailers’ historical and projected sourcing footprints
  • The evolving sourcing organization: Retailers are making significant investments in advanced technology to manage private label sourcing, in addition to evolving the operating model, governance, and tax strategies
Explore the survey findings

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Get a snapshot of some of the key findings of the survey, including:

  • Key retail trends driving the importance of Private Label sourcing, including the rise of omnichannel, advanced analytics, and conscious consumerism
  • Top emerging and established strategic responses to Private Label sourcing pressures
  • Key shifts in historical and expected country sources of supply, including the growth of Vietnam, and relative decline of Canada, Bangladesh, and Cambodia

Access past Private Label sourcing reports

Deloitte’s 2012–2013 Private Label sourcing survey polled 266 respondents from apparel, general merchandise, and grocery retailers. The findings provided an analysis of key trends in Private Label sourcing including:

  • Top market pressures retailers were facing in 2012 – 2014
  • Existing and emerging strategic responses to market pressures
  • The evolution of value chain strategies—the activities played by retailers and their supply chain partners
  • Shifts in retailers’ sourcing footprints, including source of supply and vendor selection criteria
  • Associated operating model, governance, technology, and tax trends

Access the 2012–2013 Private Label sourcing survey results.

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