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Valuation Services

Value creation is a critical aspect for successful business operations. Valuation advice requires the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgement.

Our FAS professionals possess extensive delivery capabilities, deep financial and valuation-related knowledge and robust industry experience. Combining an integrated global approach with extensive industry experience and local knowledge, our professionals address the complex client needs and provide independent and well-supported valuations that help clients identify, measure and realise the value of their assets.

Valuation services include: share and business valuations, tangible and intangible assets valuations in the framework of mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, issuance of new shares, liquidation, goodwill and intangible assets impairment tests, fairness opinion reports, stock exchange listings and dispute resolution reports.

For what is worth

Our valuation team helps companies successfully measure and understand the value of their assets in today’s rigorous regulatory environment by providing independent and well-supported valuations. We match your needs to our capabilities to provide you with advice across a variety of services.