2015 Mutual Fund Industry Outlook


2015 Mutual Fund Industry Outlook

Accelerating the quest for growth

2015 will be a period of accelerating the quest for growth, with a focus on redirection toward expansion and the speed at which growth-oriented strategies are executed. The Outlook, produced by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, provides an analysis of industry priorities and anticipated trends based on interviews with our leading practitioners to predict what's coming in 2015.

From the Deloitte U.S. Center for Financial Services

​Even though the mutual fund industry is mature, there is a still a lot of opportunity for both large and niche managers to distinguish themselves. To accelerate in 2015, companies need to be more dynamic, innovative, and nimble.

In this Outlook, we highlight four areas that the mutual fund industry will need to give their full attention, ranging from distribution and technology to operational innovation. See below for a high-level overview of the four trends and key priorities for the mutual fund industry. For the full view into the expected mutual fund trends, download the report.

This Outlook is part of Deloitte’s Financial Services Industry Outlooks series which provides insights and trends for banking, insurance, investment management, and commercial real estate.  

2015 Mutual Fund Outlook

2015 Mutual Fund Industry Outlook

​Distribution and technology

As investment managers work to cut through the complexity of distribution channels and product development, they should consider:

  • Focusing on “analysis before action”
  • Building their distribution intelligence through data and analytics
  • Streamlining big data into distribution data and leveraging predictive analytics

​Product revenue

Many investment managers will need to become more successful at unlocking revenue opportunities by introducing higher-fee products and gaining organizational efficiencies. To standout in a product-rich marketplace and remain competitive, investment managers should consider:

  • Seeking revenue-oriented strategies in newer, high-growth areas
  • Placing an emphasis on education around investment philosophy and processes

Governance and conflicts

​Risk management and regulatory oversight in 2015 will focus on:

  • Managing a firm’s reputation through ensuring governance measures are firmly in place and monitored
  • Setting up and maintaining a clear risk vision with supporting “tone at the top” to create a supportive and transparent corporate culture

​Operational innovation

2015 will likely be the year where operations may regroup, maintain the business, and support growth-oriented opportunities. The key themes that will evolve over the year include:

  • Data management, cyber risk, extended enterprise management, workflow analysis, books of record, and customer experience 

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