Financial Services Industry Outlooks

Trends, key focus areas, and strategies

From technology and reputation management to the talent wars and cyber threats, there is no shortage of issues that commands the attention of financial services leaders. View the financial services sector Outlooks of your choice for actionable insights into what may be on the horizon in 2015.

The outlook for financial services in 2015

Alternative Investment

Complex ground, new frontiers

This Outlook highlights three areas that the alternative investment industry will need to give full attention to in order to grow: globalization, monetization, and strategic brand risk management.

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Boosting profitability amidst new challenges 

The US banking industry is entering a new phase in its post-crisis journey, with a much sharper focus on boosting profitability. In this Outlook, we highlight seven areas that banks will need to give their full attention, ranging from balance sheet efficiency to cybersecurity. 

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Capital Markets

Preparing for takeoff 

Capital markets firms are trying to move on from painful restructuring to a more sustainable and profitable future. In this Outlook, we highlight six areas that capital markets firms will likely have to prioritize in 2015. 

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Commercial Real Estate

Enhance technology. Enable innovation.

As we move into 2015, strong market fundamentals and the availability of a diverse array of funding sources will likely fuel industry growth. In this Outlook, we explore 10 trends that are likely to shape the industry in 2015.

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Life Insurance & Annuities

Taking the longer-term view 

This Outlook discusses bigger picture issues likely to have a significant impact on consumer behavior and insurance operations in 2015 and beyond. It highlights five pillars for long-term success that should rank high on insurers’ strategic agendas.

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Mutual Fund

Accelerating the quest for growth 

Even though the mutual fund industry is mature, there is still an opportunity to accelerate in 2015. In this Outlook, we highlight four key trends and priorities for mutual funds, ranging from distribution and technology to operational innovation.

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Private Wealth

The ongoing institutionalization of the single family office

Family offices (FOs) are becoming more and more like institutional wealth management firms. But what internal and external factors should FOs consider when formalizing processes to build efficiencies and maximize growth? In this Outlook, we highlight five expected industry priorities and trends for 2015. 

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Property & Casualty Insurance

Focusing on the big picture

In many ways, property and casualty insurers are better positioned for sustained growth than in quite some time. This Outlook highlights four pillars for long-term success that should rank high on insurers’ strategic agendas.

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Other Industry Outlooks

Challenges, trends and strategies that may shape your business in the coming year

Rapid change rules the business landscape. But for organizations that are willing to take on challenges and leverage disruptive trends, the Outlook for 2015 is positive. Find your industry below for guidance from some of Deloitte’s most experienced and innovative minds.

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