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Make it Märkbar: Connecting customer engagement with sustainability

Download the attached report to find the results of a journey that started with the curiosity to understand how sustainability can become “Märkbar” for customers. The immediate English translations of Märkbar are visible, tangible, significant, and perceivable. The definition of Märkbar is closely connected to action. It has a human touch and can be felt. In its deepest meaning it influences people in a noticeable way, enabling them to act differently.

Deloitte’s Scandinavian member firms produced this report with the hope it will give you new insights, inspiration, and means to act.

Anticipating the sources of health and safety risk in construction

Deloitte seeks to challenge current thinking around the measurement of safety performance in construction. This report, developed by Deloitte’s Australian member firm, suggests that a new approach is needed, one based on predictive analysis and unchartered indicators of safety risk in the pre-construction phases of the project lifecycle. More action is needed in the following areas:

  • Building clear leadership and accountability for safety performance
  • Leveraging the power of data
  • Predicting and preventing incidents through targeted interventions
  • Providing insights that can be shared from project to project to improve pre-construction health and safety related activities
  • Measuring the Return on Investment on safety

Download the report to learn more.

Transitioning to G4: The next evolution in the Global Reporting Initiative sustainability reporting guidelines

Deloitte helps organizations embed and integrate sustainability information into day-to-day operations and share their sustainability journey with stakeholders through meaningful and compelling reporting. Our network of member firms can work with you to assess your preparedness to report in accordance with G4 and implement a plan of action towards the production of your first G4 report.

Read the report developed by Deloitte’s Australian member firm to learn more.

Building carbon footprinting services: Reducing the carbon impact of your developments

Traditionally the building and construction sector has focused on reducing in-use carbon emissions associated with cooling, ventilation, lighting, and small power from the operation of a building. However, over the lifecycle of a building, the operational emissions can represent just 50% of the total emissions. The remainder comes from the manufacture of construction materials, their delivery to site and onsite works. In addition, further carbon emissions arise from the maintenance of the building such as replacing components, and disposal at the end of its life.

Learn more about how Deloitte helps developers and organizations measure the cost impact of developments in this publication prepared by Deloitte’s Australia member firm.

Sustainability & Compliance Trends: Five trends shaping the future

The sustainability and compliance agenda is constantly moving forward. Companies are finding new innovative ways of addressing sustainability challenges. New compliance issues emerge. Stakeholders voice a wide range of demands and requirements. In this volume of Sustainability & Compliance Trends, Deloitte highlights five trends that focus on creating value either through new innovative approaches or through understanding how to navigate in an increasingly complex compliance agenda.

CFOs and Sustainability: Shaping their roles in an evolving environment

Sustainability is fast evolving into a standard business practice. Non financial factors are being incorporated into investment analysis and key stakeholders including investors, customers, regulators, employees, media, and NGOs are increasingly demanding more information on a company’s social and environmental performance in the context of its financial performance and overall strategy.

In this report Deloitte’s Australian member firm presents the key findings of the 2013 CFO Sustainability survey to provide you with insight into local CFO attitudes as well as the broader global perspective.

Learn more about the key findings from the global survey.

Sustainability Reporting Services: Sharing the sustainability journey with your stakeholders

Stakeholders, including consumers, employees, investors and regulators, are demanding that organizations improve their sustainability performance.

An organization is expected to report to its stakeholders on an array of sustainability information so that they can assess its sustainability performance against legislative requirements, voluntary standards and industry peers. Increasingly, it is also expected that sustainability disclosures will be subject to independent assurance.

Download the PDF to read more on sustainability reporting services.

Environmental management and compliance services: A statement of capabilities

By managing environmental risk organizations can build a truly sustainable business and realize the financial and reputational benefits that result.

All businesses have an environmental impact posed by their activities. In response, they need to minimize the risk of an environmental incident by implementing precautionary and control measures. To facilitate this, businesses are implementing voluntary environmental management systems such as ISO14001.

Learn more about the Environmental management
and compliance services provided by Deloitte’s global network of member firms.

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